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On Goal-setting:

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 10, 2011

I’m at month 10 of my knitting goal for this year – a pair a month for a year.  I’m doing all right, I’m in month 10 and I’m on pair 10.  I had a little hiccup while I worked on pair 6, it took me until month 9 to finish them!  But I finished pairs 7, 8 and 9 in short order.  I finished pair 9 on October 4, at the guild meeting.  But pair 10 is underway.  After pair 12, I’m taking a little BREAK from socks.  Gracious, but I’m growing a little tired of socks.  I have some little projects I want to do, little mitts, and finishing my gnome mitts (I need to make mitt number 2, should be short work after all of this sock knitting!)  I’ll be picking up my Sheryl’s Request, which has lain neglected these many months. I also started a Bridgewater Shawl, and I still have my Tumbling Blocks afghan, and my little crochet basket, and maybe some little toy projects…. And maybe, maybe, maybe…. I have so many little sparks of inspiration.  “Oooh!  I want to make some pretty earrings!” “Oooh, some skull stitch markers would be nice!”  “Maybe a pretty beaded bracelet would be nice!”  Or maybe some sewing would be nice, and some spinning, too.  I have OOODLES of beautiful spinning fiber, thanks to my share in the fiber farm, and my various … ahem…. Stash acquisitions…. Eh heh….

In any case… I have a fair share of fiber and yarn and I haven’t made any choices yet as relates to goals for 2012.  It could be another “Year of…”, but I just don’t know yet.  I’m rather inclined to do a year of “knit whatever, whenever I feel like it”, rather than set any kind of structured goal.  Maybe a little “vacation” from knitting after the last pair of socks is done, and I’ll do some spinning and other crafty crafty.  All told, it’s left to my whim and whimsy to decide, and I’m going to let it be until after pair 12 is done.  Who knows what fascination I might take up once my last pair is off the needles….

Watch this space….


One Response to “On Goal-setting:”

  1. I reached sock burnout earlier in the year, so I’ve been making shawls instead. (Well, shawls and very plain stockinette socks that require minimal thought or attention.) Of course, I’m doing my Xmas knitting and I suspect Grandma’s getting another pair of socks, so I’m going to find myself working on socks again whether I’m ready or not.

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