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Oh, hello there.

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 12, 2011

…. Oh!….

… Nice to see you here… Yeah, it’s been a while. No, totally, I missed you too, was thinking about you all the time..   What?  Of course I still have your number.  I’ve just been really busy, that’s all.  I know, I didn’t call or e-mail, or send you a Facebook message, but, but….  I just wanted to give you some time to focus on your art. … What?  You’re the one who asked for time, not me…

…. What?…

Okay, alright.  I’m the one who asked for time to work on my art, but it’s not like you haven’t been busy too … I mean, it’s not like you’ve just been sitting here, waiting on me to utter a word.

…  You have?  … [even more awkward silence ensues]

Right, well. Maybe you need a hobby.  Can I recommend knitting?

SISC2011-3 (2) SISC2011-3 (1)

March Socks, Self Imposed Sock Club 2011

Electrosock Therapy by Carissa Browning

Yarn is Online Supersocke 100

Knit on either U.S. 1.5 or US 2, I don’t recall which.  Knit toe up with a very different heel construction.  You can’t see it on these pictures, but there’s a little row of double decreases right up the top of the foot, a very neat little detail.  Also I COMPLETELY ADORE this colorway.

My last post indicated that I finished them, and now I’ve taken a picture as well.  See, sometimes I’m not entirely remiss.

April’s Self-Imposed Sock Club socks:

SISC2011-4 (1) SISC2011-4 (2)
No particular pattern, just toe-up socks.

Yarn is Shibui Knits sock

Little bit shallower toe-cup, cast on 24 stitches instead of just 16, and once up to the optimal number, begin just knitting in the round, and purl all chartreuse stitches.  Garter Stitch short-row heel to bring in the garter ridges and 2×2 stitching at the top, ending in Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.  A quick knit and finished entirely inside the month of April.  Within a week.

Sometime in May I got knocked on my tailfeather with a positively wretched sinus/ear infection combo that really set me back.  I spent most of the time while sick asleep, instead of knitting, so I  got behind in my Self -Imposed Sock Club goal and am consequently only on the 2nd May sock, even though it’s already June 12.  But I am on the 2nd one, so that’s something…  Right? They’re knit out of Regia Silk yarn in Black, and the pattern is the Lombard Street Socks by Susan Pierce Lawrence.  Once I get them finished up, I’ll post a pic.  In the interest of being proactive, I’ve cast on the June sock so that I don’t get even more woefully behind – June’s Socks are the Naive Socks by SpillyJane, and I’m knitting them from a beautiful Burnt Orange Knit Picks Essential Sock yarn.  2 months in a row with cables.  Oh well, this is what happens when you ask a non-knitter to pick a baggie with yarn in it out of the closet at random.  So anyway, I’m still proceeding, if slowly.  I’m also getting REALLY distracted.  I started the Bridgewater Shawl by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed fame, and I’m actually progressing (!) on my Sheryl’s Request Shawl – I’m past the border, picked up the stitches and am in the body stitches, if only barely.  I also just got yarn and pattern for the Catalina Cardigan by Jordana Paige, so watch this space for progress on that.  Color will be a a pretty cedar green in Kollage Yarns’ Corntastic, so we’ll see how that goes too.  I’m also watching a lot of foreign films (Thanks Netflix Streaming!) and I can’t knit and read subtitles if there’s any patterning to be done, so I’ve been opting to watch instead of knit.  Bad Mormon.  I’ve also been watching Dexter, and to say I’m riveted would be an understatement.  I finished the first season, and I’m ready to start Season 2, but I’m trying (impatiently) to wait for Mr. Man to catch up with me so we can watch together.  But I’ll re-watch.  I’m not proud.


2 Responses to “Oh, hello there.”

  1. Ruth said

    Miss Knotty! Thinking of you. Hope you are doing ok. Ma

  2. Hello, Mama Ruth!

    Fancy weather we’ve been having, eh?! :)

    I’m still working on the June socks. I’m a little worried that I increased too much. I’m going to try the current one on her tomorrow to see how it fits.

    Hope you guys have a fun 4th of July! I’ll be recuperating from my friend’s wedding!

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