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Slowly, I knit….

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 13, 2011

Stitch by stitch, inch by inch.  With an occasional Kitchener for interest.

Divergent Socks - Toe Treatment

I’m working up the leg on my February Self-Imposed Sock Club socks, and they’re coming along.  I’m at the point now where I’m ‘even-ing up’ the front of the leg to the back:

Divergent Socks (Feb SISC2011)

Yarn is Trekking XXL in a colorway I’ve named ‘peas and carrots’.  Because that’s what it reminds me of.  It has some maize, some pumpkin, some … well, some beige (whole wheat? to continue the food color names…), and a charming little faux fair-isle band breaking up each color.  The color patterning held up, even through the widest part of the heel construction, which I kind of love.  You knit down to the toe, and the designer gives very specific instructions for finishing, which I did, and I’ve picked up the leg and I’m working on up.  Special Thanks to the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice, which I sat down to watch yesterday with DangerLad , because I got most of the foot done in that span.  I’ve also finished his slippers.  They got felted last night, and they’re drying now.  Slowly but surely.  I held a bright kelly green together with a dark hunter green for the upper, and I used the same heathered gunmetal grey for the sole and accent cuff, and it turned out just charming!

Size Comparison - Manfoot to Giant Clog Post-felting size compare (20

What a difference felting makes, eh?!  I got a good 3″ of shrinkage vertically, and the stitch definition is gone, even from the soles.   I think I could maybe get 1 more inch of shrinkage if I had to, but I had him try them on last night, when they were still a bit damp, and he said that, although clammy, the fit was good.  So we stuffed them with newsprint and left them to dry.

He’s wearing them today (even while still damp) to help get the shape conformed more to his foot.

He is thrilled with them. I’m thrilled that he’s thrilled. It pleases me to know that I’ve made something for him that he’ll actually use and wear.

I should also comment here that the Secret Project of yestermonth was gifted yesterday, and now I’m at liberty to share same with you guys:
Finished afghan
The “seam” side:
Seam side up 2
Folded up all pretty-like:

Yarn is Candy Cane, by Knitting Fever, Inc. It’s 100% acrylic, and after I washed it up, I was VERY agreeably surprised with how soft it got. It took 6 balls total to complete this, and I have some left over. Not a lot, but some. I got it at Yarn & Stitches, a nearby LYS. Pattern is Rambling Rows, by Pat Penney & Carol Anderson.  This is the third iteration I’ve made of this little guy.  I made one each for my niece and nephew, son and daughter of Mr. YoungerBrother:

This one, for nephew Ryder, is made from “boyish” colors, in Berrocco Comfort, a microfiber/nylon blend:
Rambling Rows baby Afghan 2 of 2
This one, for niece Ayden (and the first one I made, back in 2006) is made from Caron Simply Soft, in VERY girly pastels):
Finished Baby Blanket

It’s a veritable gallery!

I’m told that now that I’ve made three, it’s rather a family legacy. I don’t mind, really, although this is a record-breaking for me; this is the only pattern (besides socks) that I’ve ever made more than once. And really, I usually don’t do anything besides the vanilla sock pattern more than once, so… trippy. But they’ve turned out pretty every time I’ve done them, so it’s not like I’m displeased.

On a sidenote, I find it very funny that each of these photos were taken in different apartments.  That may only be funny to me, but Yeah.  The bottom one is from an apartment in 2006, the 2nd-bottom is from an apartment 2 moves later in 2008, and the third in my current apartment in January 2011, another 2 moves later.  HA!  Also, I move a LOT!


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