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Self-Imposed Progress

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 6, 2011

I just put a little blip on my last post about my Self Imposed Sock Club socks last post, but I’ll tell you now I’m glad I finished them, because with the nasty weather we’ve had in D/FW the last week, I’ve been wearing them a bunch!

Hat heel socks sisc2011 january


Pattern: Hat Heel Socks, by Kathleen Sperling (Rav Link)

Yarn: Austermann Step

Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm)

Mods: to the pattern: none.  To the process: I knit the second in a different order from the first.  For the first one, I knit the heel, then the foot, then the leg; on the second, I knit the heel, then the leg, then the foot.   That the ribbing matches almost perfectly is a happy accident, but since I’ve been a freak about the matching lately, it should hardly come as a surprise, should it?

My February Self Imposed Socks are a charming pattern by Carissa Browning (a local designer), the Divergent Socks (Rav Link) (Designer’s Blog Link). I’m knitting them from Trekking XXL that’s been swimming around in my stash for a while, waiting for Just The Right Pattern to come along.  I’m knitting them on a US 1, 2.00 mm DPNs, as recommended in the pattern.  I tried it on last night, and it’s turning out pretty nice.  I’m a little concerned about the leg opening being too big, but we’ll have to see how it all works out.  It’s knitting nice and densely on the foot, so there’ll be some sturdy socks in my future.  Really digging how this colorway is working up in this pattern.  The striping has held up all the way through the heel, much to my pleasure, despite LOTS of increasing through that region.  So much is my need for The Match, that I’ll probably pull through the 2nd ball until I get to the same area of pattern to start my second sock.  The pattern starts at a provisional cast on at the heel, and you begin by knitting a little rectangle.  Isn’t that cool?!

This is the second sock in my Self-Imposed Sock Club that is started at neither the top nor the toe.  Not all of my socks in this year’s Club have alternative “sock-itecture”, and this one was chosen by DangerLad for me, so that it would be random (well, random-ish.  He went into the closet at my behest and pulled out a bag with sock yarn and pattern.  I don’t know what his decision process was in choosing this one over the other 10 in there.)

SISC2011-2 - Divergent Socks (2)

SISC2011-2 - Divergent Socks

It looks slightly skewed in these pictures because the needles don’t perfectly correspond with the sides of the sock.  That said, it’s fitting very well, and I anticipate I’ll be finished with these pretty quickly if I just keep on them.  Fortunately they’re a very interesting knit, so ‘keeping on them’ is not a challenge at all, particularly since I’ve been watching my way through True Blood on DVD (again). Thank God SOMEBODY’S still in favor of a bad-ass vampire.  Seriously, I was SO tired of angsty, tormented vampires.  There are still SOME angsty vamps in True Blood, but the majority are still actually Scary Monster types.  Love that.

The color in the second picture is very “true”, even though it was shot with tungsten lighting and flash, so I guess my camera still has some life in it yet.

I’m also knitting up some Felted Clogs for DangerLad, in a beguiling hunter green and gunmetal grey combination.  Will shoot some pics before and after felting, but after these bitty needles and tight knitting, working with US 13 needles is like knitting with broomstick-handles, can I tell you?!!


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