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Still stuck on the matchy-matchy

Posted by Miss Knotty on February 1, 2011

So stuck, in fact, that when I saw a yarn at Holley’s Yarn Shoppe and realized that it’s a Very Good Match for the yarn I used for my Clapotis in 2009 (I don’t recall when I fini– ooh yeah, Ravelry.  Ravelry says I started this in February 2009 and finished it in March 2009.  Love that Project Monogamy, eh?)   and then for my matching Clapotis Cap (out of remnant yarn from the original project) in July 0f 2010 (yeah, it took 2 evenings.  <3), I realized that I regretted not making mitts to go with, but don’t have enough of the remnant yarn left to make anything bigger than little wrist-warmer cuffs, and really only a single wristwarmer cuff, at that.  So I bought this pretty 50-gram ball of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blends in alarmingly matchy colors to make myself some mitts to match.  It’s a little blue-er and a little darker than the original Clap colors, but it’s close enough that when I’m wearing the mitts on my hands, the wrap around my neck and the hat on my head, I think it’ll be close enough, which counts in knitting sometimes, and always counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  Just sayin’.

Matchy yarn for Clap 2

All of this matchy mania goes back to a post by the Yarn Harlot sometime in 2009 where her daughter was bemoaning a (nonspecific) knitter’s tendency to look rather ragamuffin-y, with gloves of this pattern, and a hat of that pattern, and a shawl or scarf of yet another different color and pattern.  While I appreciate the knitter’s desire to mix it up a bit (again, a nonspecific knitter, not the Yarn Harlot), my style runs more to the matchy side of things, and since that post, I’ve embraced my inner Annette-Bening-in-American-Beauty-the-handle-on-my-gardening-shears-matches-my-gardening-clogs-Yeah,-that’s-not-an-accident self and started buying yarn in quantities that if I’m going to make a (insert accessory I want to make here), I’ll have enough yarn leftover to make the corresponding other accessories.  Take this scarf:

Lace Ribbon Scarf 5.2.10 Lace Ribbon Scarf (1.8.11)

Apologies for the crummy picture on the second one there – flash washed out the photo.

This is made from one (1) ball of Classic Elite Yarns’ Alpaca Sox.  I have 2 more balls leftover (by design).  I’m going to make a hat and mitts with the Lace Ribbon pattern repeat on them.  And they’ll look SMASHING. Haven’t worked out the double-yarnover in the round thing yet, but I might just knit the mitts flat and seam them on the inner side.  I’m pretty good at seaming, it would seem (kindly pardon the pun).

I’ve also acquired three 100-gram balls of this:

Wisdom Yarns Maui

Which I’m going to make into a fetching set.

So that’s THREE projects where I’ll be going matchy.  I also have three balls of Noro Kureyon Sock in the same color, but 1 ball is a different dyelot that I’m kicking the tires on making some matchy things.  The girl is hooked.

Noro Kureyon Sock

What can I say?  As a rule, I’m not a terribly “stylish” person, if “style” is defined by having full, matched outfits that include outfit-specific accessories.  I buy clothes with the desire of making “outfits”, but I don’t buy a pair of pants and a blouse that I’ll only wear one with the other, because to me, that’s not cost-effective.  I’m a mixy-matchy girl when it comes to tops and trousers, and because I just can’t spend that much time in the morning figuring out what I’m going to wear.  Most, if not all of the tops need to match most, if not all of the bottoms.  The only exception to this is shoes – I don’t match my shoes to anything but each other – and they’re all black, except my tennis shoes, which are mostly black, but my knitting has to match. It’s important to me. Don’t ask me why, it just is.


I finished my Self-Imposed Sock Club 2011 January socks, Knitty’s Hat Heel socks, on Thursday, the 27th.  Cut it close, but I started and finished them in a month, with most of the knitting happening after Jan 20.  Looking forward to wearing them.  :)

Hat heel socks sisc2011 january


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