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Posted by Miss Knotty on January 11, 2011

Apart from enjoying this:

Giftmas Cookware

I have actually been knitting a bit. Shocking, I know.

What’s more shocking is that I FINALLY got my patootis in gear and took PICTURES to show you, my dears!

SISC2011-1 (other side) (as of 1.8.11)

This is the first of my Self Imposed Sock Club 2011 Socks, a Hat Heel sock, made from Austermann Step that I bought for just this pattern lo, those many years ago.

No, seriously. I actually bought sock yarn with a specific sock pattern in mind. I know you guys are as shocked as I was when I did it!

Update - Sheryls Request (1.8.11)

This is the border of a shawl I’m slowly working on. It’s the Guild Shawl for the Dallas Hand Knitters Guild, for the 2010-2011 guild year, called Sheryl’s Request, and designed by the Knitting Fairy. I’m using reclaimed laceweight cashmere from a sweater that Miss Darktwist’s Mama unraveled and then gifted to me. It’s LUSCIOUS. I’m just saying. I haven’t picked this up since early December, though, because I’ve been diligently working on this:

Secret Hand (Generic)

HA! You thought I was actually going to put up a picture of that Super Secret Knitting Project here, weren’t you?! Fooled ya! (I will, once it’s all totally done, and gifted, but for now, all you get is The Hand.)

My Lace Ribbon Scarf has grown somewhat since last we saw it here:
Lace Ribbon Scarf (1.8.11)

I’ve also improved my crocheting somewhat:
Basket Bottom (Kyuuto Japanese Crochet)
This is from the Kyuuto! Japanese Thread Crochet book. It’s going to be a little basket. Right now it looks more like a trivet. Which I suppose it is, but that’s not its end objective. Just a step on the way, m’friends.

In any case, while I have not been hugely prolific (that you know of, you still don’t know what the Super Secret Project is, do you?), I have been knitting.  So onward! To Victory!


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