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Life Lessons Learned (and/or accepted) at age 30:

Posted by Miss Knotty on December 29, 2010

1)  Once you’re past your teenage years, unless you’re wearing some SERIOUSLY bulky socks, you don’t have to buy shoes 1/2 size bigger.  You’re not going to outgrow them, or grow into them, at this point.  Buy your size.  Your feet will thank you, and so will the rest of you.

2)  Slingbacks are AWESOME. They make your calves look super hot (and you already had awesome calves) and they’re SO much more comfortable than you thought.

3) There is no shame in loving shoes, even if you don’t necessarily have occasion to wear them.

4) You can own more than 4 pair of shoes and not be considered a shoe freak.  Heh.  Mostly.

(to get OFF the shoe subject,)

5) Life is short.  Wear beautiful underwear.  It doesn’t matter who might or might not be seeing you in it, just knowing that you’re wearing it will boost your confidence.  It’s self-care.  Practice it.

6) Use the lotion from the gift set.  If you don’t, it’ll turn cakey and stinky and you won’t get to enjoy it anyway.

7) Use the perfume you got on vacation in (insert exotic locale here).  If you don’t use it, it will turn to alcohol and just be a sad waste.  Smell pretty.  (Well, bathe, naturally, but also smell pretty.)

8) Share things you find funny.  Don’t share things you find funny with your whole Address Book. (addendum:  use Bcc.  Just sayin’.)

9) Accept compliments.  I struggle like hell with this one; I think most women do.  But seriously, say ‘thank you’ and bask in it for a moment.  Someone thought well enough of something about you that they wanted you to know it.  Wanted you to know it badly enough that they MENTIONED IT TO YOU.  It’s called ‘paying a compliment’ for a reason. That person wants you to appreciate the gesture. It was a little verbal gift.  Accept it graciously.

10) Most people are trying to get through their lives with a minimum of interference from Crazy.  Getting all uppity because someone didn’t respond how you thought they were going to (or how you thought they should) is selfish.  Let. It. Go.

11) Exercising good table manners is a mark of gentility.  Eating with people regularly is a good way to practice.  So eat with people, instead of just facing your computer.  Your computer won’t tell you not to talk with your mouth full, or to put your silverware down between bites.  It won’t tell you to take smaller bites and to engage in conversation during your meal.  SOCIALIZE.

12) Do what you love; even if you don’t do it for a livelihood.  If you love to write, write.  If you love to sing, sing.  If you love to dance, dance.  Knit, read, go to school. Whatever.  Just find a way to incorporate that thing into your life.  Make documentary films. Watch documentary films. Take pictures.  Read WWII memoirs. Even if you never make a penny from it, you will feel more fulfilled by finding a way to have it in your life.  This is not some hippy dippy “follow your bliss” speech.   I believe STRONGLY in fulfilling your obligations and in living into the commitments you’ve already made, and in making responsible choices when your decisions affect more people than just you.  But I also believe in making a commitment to yourself to do that thing that fills you with glee, even if that thing is just watching Glee or reading about celebrity gossip.  Or researching European queens.  or the band Queen.  Or watching The African Queen.  But make room for that thing you love, even if it’s only for 5 minutes a week.  Work with your spouse and loved ones.  Give them time for their loves, and work with them to give you time for yours.  Include them in your passion, and be included in theirs.  Listen to them talk about it.  Ask them to listen to you talk about yours.

13) There is no sex in the Champagne Room.


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