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Wherein the knitter confesses

Posted by Miss Knotty on December 2, 2010

to woefully little knitting done. But I have been adding my patterns collection to my Ravelry Queue!  I only have like 2 binders left to do…. Well, 2 or 3….. What?  You don’t have a gorzillion internet patterns organized in binders on your bookshelves?  Just me, hmm???  <sly looks>…

There are a few reasons for this, not the least of which is a brazen lack of project monogamy, but there’s also SECRET KNITTING going on, and also an ongoing obsession with a certain MMORPG that is having a BIG EXPANSION LAUNCH ON TUESDAY DECEMBER 7, 2010 OH YES IT IS!  But I digress.

There’ll also be much going on this weekend that I have to keep a close eye on.  I’m going to be making my crazy awesome cookies, Ultimate Toffee Coffee Oatmeal Cookies (Recipe was an award-winner posted in the Dallas Morning News some time ago.  (FYI, the original calls for margarine, but I use butter, because We Do Not Use Margarine In This House.  Oh no we do not.  (For yea, so it is told in the gospel according to Paula Deen, Chapter 18, verse mumblemumble, that Butter (y’all!) is the critical ingredient to help every food meet its ultimate potential, that using Butter instead of margarine is the highest order of culinary correctitude can I get an Amen?!)

I’ll also be making Salted Nut Roll Bars, a la Pieknits, because this recipe has become a fast favorite for me.   The salty, the sweet – deeeelish!  I’m modding it a little bit, but hopefully for the better:  I’m using an all-natural cake mix for the base instead of Duncan Hines or what have you, and I am going to try making it with marshmallow fluff this time, instead of making it with mini-marshmallows, because I couldn’t find a mini-marshmallow that didn’t have artificial color and other unsavory stuff in it.  The Fluff I got was made with corn syrup (not high-fructose), sugar, and….  love, I think.  But it was all natural ingredients, no Blue 1 or tetrasomething something (a whipping aid).

So there’ll be some baking going on at la casita Knotty this weekend, and hopefully a little downtime to work on secret knitting projects and my guild shawl.  There are many things going down next week at the office – There’s a luncheon on Monday, complete with Secret Santa, and an Ornament and Cookie Exchange on Friday.  Not to mention The Knitting Guild December Meeting and CCOD (and the WoW Expansion! WHATT?!!)

So, yeah, super exciting times, and what’s shaping up to be an exhausting week next week.  Good times.  :)


2 Responses to “Wherein the knitter confesses”

  1. Joyce said


  2. sillyfru said

    I cannot wait for the expansion either!! I’m ready to get my worgen on!

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