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Move. Moving. Moved.

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 3, 2010

We have landed in our new place.  There is still MUCH unpacking to be done, but progress is happening.  We have a living room with a largely navigable couch now, and the bedroom is starting to resemble something more than a ridiculous amount of bags, baskets, and clothes of varying degrees of dirtiness, which are making their way into the washer with all due haste, one load at a time. We also have an unpacked kitchen, but still need to do some things to get fully spooled up.  But we do have a rockstar of a red microwave now. Sassy!

May I state for the record that I have WAY too much crap?

I’ve been really working on throwing things away, giving things away, selling things away, and doing other things to make things go away, and I STILL have tremendous amounts of belongings?  The closet is going to get a MAJOR work-over soon, and I have a feeling that Goodwill is going to be several, several bags richer.

I’m scaling down.  I’m throwing things away that I haven’t used or touched in months/years (with the exception of yarn.  Most yarn gets better with age in the stash.) I gave away my fabric stash to my good friend who recently developed a quilting habit hobby.  I haven’t unboxed my sewing machine, and I’m not going to; I’m giving it away.

I don’t even want to talk about the stuff I’ve trashed after arguing with myself about it.  But it’s better this way, truly.  Because I have a ridiculous amount of stuff that I never even touch.  So better to scale back and not move it again.  Well, in theory. I’ll probably blog later that I’m looking for thingythingthing and someone will remind me that I threw it out in The Great Crap Purge of Aught Ten, and I’ll *facepalm again.  Or I may never miss this stuff.  One thing’s for sure, though.  I’m not going to be crapping up the place again.  Moving sucks.  Moving a LOT of superfluous stuff uber-sucks.  Particularly when your Mr. Man throws a hissy about how much crap “we” (by “we” he meant me) have.

The challenge that arises is really the “how important is this?” game.  Prospectus…. es….. from my retirement accounts from years gone by?  Insurance policies long since lapsed? Electricity bills for every month for probably the last 5 years or so?  Paystubs from jobs years ago?  Seriously?  Who needs this stuff?  I’m going to shred it.  I’m probably going to scan certain things in and save them, but beyond that, my poor little shredder is going to see some a-c-t-i-o-n.  I just hope it’s up to it. (cue theme from Rocky) (cue montage of shredder running and running, drinking raw eggs out of a glass, and climbing stairs for like a year.)

Yeah, try getting THAT visual out of your head.  A shredder drinking raw eggs.  Blech!

In other news, after several weeks of very little to no knitting, I got to sit down and knit some at Guild last night, while I listed to Alissa the Knitting Fairy talk about picking up stitches from borders to knit the body of the shawl.  She said some illuminating things that I hadn’t bothered to read out of the instructions picked up on.  Almost makes it worth it that I’ve only gotten through 6 repeats of the border chart.  I can’t help it, though; this knitting is not ‘sit and talk with friends’ knitting.  It’s PAY ATTENTION TO THE CHART knitting, which is kind of limiting for the social knitter. Perhaps once I’ve gotten all settled in and have some free time in the evening (to watch Dr. Who), I’ll really be able to give some time to the more involved knitting projects in my life.  Like the mate for the Gnome Mittens, and the Guild Shawl, and the “Sample Shawl to Knit” from Gossamer Webs that I’ve all but abandoned these many months because I have been too crazy busy to focus on learning how to turn the corners and knit the top border… We shall see.  Watch this space.






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