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I’m still standin’! (And packin’, actually.)

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 19, 2010

In the Various and Sundry News Category, I’ve changed jobs. Well, more accurately, I was laid off and subsequently hired for a new job, but in any case, I’m not working where I used to work, and now I work somewhere else. I am not dwelling on this job change, except to say that I’m super excited to be where I am now, and it’s shaping up to be a really great experience. I’m loving the people I’m working with, and I’m learning new stuff ALL. THE. TIME. Which rocks.

Some notes:

I’ve been cooking a little, lately. I tried to make stuffed French Toast with Challah Bread, which went great – I stuffed it with a peach/apricot jelly & cream cheese mixture, and stuffed in some bananas for good measure. They were awesome sauce.
Makings - Stuffed French Toast
Stuffed French Toast

I’ve also been knitting, but as per usual, I’ve been a slacker about taking pictures. I’ll make a POINT to take good pictures once I’m moved.  Particularly since I’ve been working on the Border for the DHKG shawl, and my little points are coming out BEAUTIFULLY!!!  I still have lots of points to go, and I suspect that I won’t be anywhere CLOSE to finishing the border by the next meeting, but I’m loving it all the same.  Tres Pretty!

Oh! That’s right. I’m moving. New place. Very close to the old place, but better location in terms of positioning in apartment complex and ease of getting into/out of complex – the turn-in from the street and the landscaping are SO MUCH EASIER TO SEE AROUND!!!!! I can’t reinforce that enough. Sooooo much easier to see around. I’m a fan. Oh yes I am. It faces north-south, instead of east-west, so we’ll get a little morning sun (but not much), and a little afternoon sun (but not much), which is, again, awesome. I’m THOROUGHLY looking forward to not being in a fully west-facing apartment with an inefficient A/C unit, baking in the afternoon sun.

We’re downsizing to a smaller apartment, which pretty much everyone seems to think is CRAZY with a capital ‘CUH’, but we really do have more space than we need, and we’re going to see something of a savings in rent, so that’s a plus. Add to it that we’ll probably save some on electricity costs, and we’re happy campers. We’re going to miss the kitchen in this place, because it’s nice and big and the new one is bitty-small, but it’ll be ok. We’ll learn to work around it. Truly. (We’ll pretty much have to, won’t we?!)

But in other cool stuff: I got a new desk because my old one is falling to bits, and I’m going to put up a magnetic bulletin board thing I found at Container Store, so I’ll FINALLY have a home for my Magnetic Poetry! (FINALLY!!!). I’m going to wait to assemble it until we get moved into the new place, for ease – it’s in pieces, bits and pieces right now and I’m fine with that – easier for the movers to move, too.

We’re working on figuring out some efficiency and space-saving methods so that our current collection of stuff will fit in our new place, so any space-saving tips you want to throw my way? Leave them in the comments, please. I’m already throwing stuff away and giving stuff away, so those bits are covered.  Also, I think Mr. Man might be building me a cabinet to store my spinning fiber stash, to match the cabinetry that he’s built me to date.  Sigh.  I <3 that guy.  Well, it’ll kinda match, but it’s going to have little cubby-hole bits (think like built-in wine storage), so that the fiber can rest in the cross-hatching, and not all fall out on my head when I try to pull something out.  But it’ll still match in terms of stain color and have some continuity with the rest of the bookcases.  We’re also keeping the stickered bookcase to store kitchen stuff in, in the dining room, a la some friends of ours – they have this BRILLIANT setup at their place, and we’re going to imitate them, because it is just so clever.

But my, how I do go on!! I have to go pack boxes now.



One Response to “I’m still standin’! (And packin’, actually.)”

  1. Amanda said

    I had a friend recently do the wine-rack style fiber storage — best tip for that is to paint the interior a light color, so you can see what you’ve got. It also helps reflect the light.

    Also; if you don’t already have those 6″ risers for your bed, get them. It’s amazing how much stuff I cram under my bed. All the stuff I rarely get to goes against the wall (if you don’t have your bed accessible from both sides, that is), with the every-other-week or every-day sort of items toward the front.

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