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HELLOOOOO! (Hello, hello!)

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 6, 2010

So.  Some of you who follow me on Ravelry or Facebook might have noticed some posts relating to dyeing my Hemlock Ring Blanket (or here on the blog, or here, or maybe here).  That day came on Saturday (July 3, if you’re keeping score.)  To prove that I’ve seen this time of day from the ‘getting up’ side, instead of the ‘going to bed’ side, I shot a picture.  But it gets better.  This picture was taken AFTER I got out of the shower, so I was up even earlier than that!!! Wah hah hah!!!
Wake Up time!!!

I picked up the lovely Lara and we headed out to Farmersville.  I did have the malice  of foresight to paint a roving first, so I can test out my colors.  I painted 4 oz of Superwash BFL from Fancy Fibers Farm (tasty, tasty stuff) and mixed up colors, and then dove into the painting.  Thankfully Lara took over the shooting so I could paint away.
Mixing Dye colors:
Mixing the Dye for the petals
Painting the roving:
Painting the test roving to get colors just right

After painting, you spray down the piece with vinegar, and then steam it:
Spraying down the test roving with vinegar

So, once I got my color fixed how I wanted it, I started the afghan:
Starting the Afghan Painting the Flower bit Painting the Petals 1  Petals after fillng in - final center details

forgive the camera jitters there – sorry…

Petals detail
Here’s the final pic from that day:
Afghan final (wet)

In the style of Melusine from the AntiCraft, I wrapped it up in plastic a vinyl shower curtain, put it in a large garbage bag, and put it in Lara’s hearse to cure for a few days.  It needs to ‘steam’ in a hot car in the heat of summer for a few days – I’m leaving mine in her black-topped, immobile hearse for almost a week.  Hopefully the dye will exhaust and it’ll look AWESOME when all is said and done.  We are hopeful.  When we got back to Lara’s casita, I pulled the bucket out of the car, and instead of being in the bag, it was outside the bag, and color was puddled in the bottom of the bucket, so I don’t know what it’s going to do to the final product.  I hope it didn’t mess up the center of the flower, but if it did, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. 

In other news, I decided to get my patootie in gear and do some frogging.  After knitting up past the thumb on the first Transition Mitt, I put it on.  And then Mr. Man put it on.  It fits him, but it bags most unbecomingly around my wrist.  I suspected it might be a little big, but not inches too big.  Sad Panda.  So I frogged it.  I took not a single picture of it while it was on needles and I frogged it before shooting any pictures, so you won’t get to see. Sorry.  Argh. 

Another ‘never took a picture of it’ project is the Crazy Ribs mitts, designed by a fellow Fingerless Gloves Fanatic.  I borked the thumb increases at All Con and tossed the project in time-out, but I realized last night that I’m just not going to finish them, and even if I did, I wouldn’t wear them, because the colorway wasn’t doing it for me – it’s just better suited for socks, I guess.  It was doing a very unbecoming pooley-stripey thing that was making me nuts.  So I frogged them.   But it’s OK, really.  I cleaned out my knitting bag, and pulled out a big project bag and threw my spindle and fiber in for Tour de Fleece.  I also ‘made’ a lazy kate out of a shoebox and some straight needles and wound the cop off of my spindle and onto a toilet paper roll, so I can spin again on an empty spindle. (Tour de Fleece! It’s going on now! Team CogSPINtive! Yeah!) I’m thinking I’m going to navajo ply it, but I’m as-yet undecided.


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