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Posted by Miss Knotty on June 28, 2010

It would appear that I cannot sleep tonight.   I was at the Nissan dealership on Saturday, reading a really old Better Homes & Gardens (at least I think it was Better Homes… Not sure, really…) it said that if you can’t get your brain to shut off, you should write down your worries in a journal and maybe committing them to paper would make them seem more trivial and I could sleep.  Here’s the kicker, though:  I was ready to climb into bed at 8 o’clock, and the minute I did climb into bed, BOOM! wide awake.  What is that?  I have felt completely fried and tired all day long, and as soon as I give in to my tiredness and head for bed, my brain kicks into overdrive.   Brain?  We are NOT amused. I don’t even know why, either – I was a good little duck and did my chores this weekend like I planned to do:  laundry: check. Clean out work bag and purse? Check. Vacuum and terrify the cat: check.  Clean the office and finally, FINALLY get ahold on the paper mess around my desk? Check.  Donate dead computer pieces to charity? Check.  Get alignment fixed?  Check.  I did it all, so when I settled down for some movie relaxation on Sunday, I was doing it with a little dash of righteous – I got my chores done and earned a nice evening off.  So what is with the overdrive head? Grrr.  Anyway, I wrote down stuff in a journal, but it occurred to me that part of my being bugged relates to the fact that I haven’t talked to you good people for a while.  So I thought I’d drop in and show you a pretty picture of something cool I finished on Friday night:
Citron Shawlette Blocking 6.26.10

The usual suspecs:

Pattern:  Citron, Knitty Winter 2009

Yarn: Wollmeise fingering weight, 150 grams, color “Spring Fling 2008”.

Leftovers:  A little shnibbly.  Haven’t weighed it yet, but it’s not much.

Size: almost 4′ at wingspan, around 20″ deep at center.

Pattern mods:  Changed yarn.  Otherwise, didn’t change a thing.

Blocking:  I only pinned the upper wingspan, then I picked up the board and kind of fluttered out the piece, then laid it back down and “arranged” the ruffle without pulling on the piece, so it would fall in a more organic way without pulling or stretching the piece, and then smoothed the piece in general, just to make sure there were no little heaps that would dry unevenly.

Started June 2, finished June 26.  The end rows get to feeling pretty long after while, but apart from the rows where you have to pay attention, the pattern is really ingenious and simple, and great “cruise control” knitting.

Next on deck:

I don’t really know.  I’m probably going to go back to the much-neglected Transition Mitts (I have most of a cuff and I STILL have yet to take a picture. Slaxx0r5.), and also Gnome Mitt the Second and maybe Endpaper Mitt the Third. I finished Gnome Mitt the first, and I don’t know where the picture is so I can show you – I think it’s on my phone….  It’s QUITE adorable, I assure you.

Other at-bats: The Crazy Ribs mitts that I borked up at All-Con.  I think, rather than try to suss out where I am in the pattern because I honestly have NO idea, I think I’ll just rip back the first one and start again, maybe with different yarn.  my yarn is pooling in a not-pretty way, and I don’t think it will show off the pattern to best advantage in any case. Hey! You see what I did there?  I made a decision!  Look at that!  It was so easy and straight-forward too.   I’m kinda proud of myself at this moment.

I’ve been working away at the Lace Ribbon Scarf, and it’s lovely, truly.  I’ve been really enjoying it.  I have about 2′ of scarf, so I’m about 1/4 done (I like a nice long scarf, which is great for playing with, but a marathon to knit.) The LRS has become my travel knitting instead of a sock, because I’m kinda socked-out right now.)

If any of you are wanting to do a swap in July, you should check out TexasPurlGurl’s Green Critter Swap – details here. (This is a link to a post inside of Ravelry.  If you’re a fiber person and you’re not a member, I would love to take this moment to encourage you to join.)  I’m going to participate in the swappy swap swappery – you should too!  (Just sayin’.)!

Other Future projects:

Coachella, out of  the $1/ball Berrocco Suede I got at the Yarn & Stitches grand reopening sale, in a very icy light blue, which is going to look ah-MAZE-ing with my blue eyes.  Not sayin’, just sayin’.

Lady Bertram Shawlette, by Wendy D. Johnson, of WendyKnits.  She gifted me the pattern on her blogiversary, the sweet lady, and I started it, my brain melted (not because of the pattern, but because of ambient life-noise) and I decided it might be a better project for another, less stressed-out and exhausted, day.  I still have the pattern, yarn and needle riding around in my knitting bag, patiently waiting for me to have gray matter that’s a little bit more solid than thermal conductor.  Maybe after my vacation in August.  We’ll see.

I’m also going to make a hat out of the remnants of my Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb to go with my Clapotis – I found a hat pattern on Ravelry that uses the same drop-stitch pattern that would go with the clappy, and using the same yarn, it’ll make a little set.

If you don’t recall, my Clapotis looks like this:
Pinned down Clapotis the second

Sigh – so pretty.  I love wearing it and always get a million compliments, but it gets just the teensiest bit warm this time of year, so it’s folded gently away with my other winter things, to come out again once the weather gets a little more blustery.

Well, I think I’m getting to a point of actually collapsing in a heap, so I’m going to go valiantly try for same. Goodnight!


One Response to “Insomnia”

  1. perches said

    Your Citron looks really nice in that colorway :)

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