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So. Excited.

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 23, 2010

So.  I talked in April about a wheel I wanted to buy.  Well.  That day has come.  Woo hoo!  I’ve missed having a wheel since I returned the Loandrum back in the Fall (I don’t remember if I told you guys about returning that, but I did return it, a while back.  Sigh.) 

Anyway, some stars have aligned and I have the distinct pleasure to announce that I’ve ORDERED MY SPINNING WHEEL!!!!  I bought an unfinished Kromski Fantasia, which I’m going to be finishing myself.  Don’t tell the Kromski guys, because they’ll probably think my finished wheel will be an abomination, because I’m going to paint it, instead of staining it.  But here’s the twist:  I’m going to paint it like a 50s car.  There’ll be powder blue and pearlized white paints and chrome and I’m going to paint the wheel itself to look like a whitewall tire.  It’s going to look AWESOME.  Truly an art wheel.  I should note that it will still be fully functional – I would never substitute fashion for performance, but you probably know that about me by this point. 

I’m working on some drawings to design the paint job before the wheel gets here, so I know what I’m going to paint and how – don’t want to mess it up, after all.  I’ll probably be leaning some on Mr. Man’s expertise, and other artisty-folk I know, so I get the best possible finish on what will probably be a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking for me. 

Did I mention I’m SUPER excited?


One Response to “So. Excited.”

  1. FyrDrakken said

    Oh, wow! I like the idea of painting a wheel rather than just staining or varnishing it to begin with, but your proposed scheme sounds awesome!

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