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Lace is a Magical Entity

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 19, 2010

Knitters and crocheters know this already, but for the uninformed among you, I would like you to know that Lace is a magical entity.  On the needles it’s diaphanous, ugly-pretty* and, depending on if it’s center-out, usually looks smaller than it is.  Exhibit the first:
Hemlock Ring Afghan Progress 5.23 (Remote)

Looks rather like a beret for the Green Giant, doesn’t it?  What you can’t really tell is that there’s roughly another 12″ scrunched up on the needles under the lumpy mess you see.  Sure, it’s pretty-ish, but the center looks kind of puckery, the central holes roll outward and the feather and fan outside of the central motif is lumpy.   Sure, to the knitter, it’s a pile of possibility, but to a non-knitter, it just looks like… knitting.

— time passes —

Exhibit the second:
Blocking Hemlock Ring

(Yeah, I’m not really one for photographing in-progress. In point of fact I pretty much photograph the yarn, then maybe photograph an in-progress shot (but rarely more than one) and then I (hopefully) photograph the final item once all of the work is done. I just don’t go in for the in-progress shots. I love looking at them on other blogs, I just don’t remember to take them. I’d rather just finish the project. Mostly because I’m a terrible photographer. Sorry, readers.)

One exception, though:

Citron Progress 6.17.10

My Citron Shawlette. She loves the camera. Can’t be helped. So pretty, though. I’m past the 5th ruche section, so I’m in the interminable-rows portion of the piece. I can’t complain, though – it’s gone so quickly that by the time I’m complaining about how long the row is, I’m almost to the end of it. My challenge is going to be how I’m going to block it, since it’s a semi-circle and doesn’t have any pointy-points. Maybe I’ll do something ingenious with string and pins. We’ll see.

Bonus Picture:
Sizing the Afghan (6.19.10)
Here’s one with a piece of my modular flooring, to give a rough idea of scale.  (I couldn’t find my yardstick.)  The flooring piece is 2′ long, so I’m estimating that the blanket is around 5′ in diameter (60″).  Hard to get the scale from the pictures.  Mr. Man suggested I use a dollar bill.  Not sure if that would denote the size properly either (if you’ll kindly pardon HIS pun).  I had to go buy more flooring and pins in mid-block, because I ran completely out.  Michaels had pins, and Sam’s Club sells the flooring for $20 a package.  (for that $20, I got 33.5 sq feet more of interlocking foam flooring – MUCH BETTER DEAL THAN THE KNITTER VERSION that’s only 1′ x 1′ blocks.  Plus I can now make a 4 x 4 square, which is about 64 sq. feet (and bigger than will fit in my living room at it’s current configuration.  Big. Square. Just sayin’.)


*ugly-pretty – the yarn is pretty, the pattern might be pretty, but it looks like the dog’s dinner at this point, and all the knitter can do is dream about the finished project and pine over the finished project photos in the Ravelry library.


2 Responses to “Lace is a Magical Entity”

  1. Caitlin said

    I’ve never knit something that would require blocking before. (I am relatively new to knitting in general and very new to lace in particular). My Hemlock which is about halfway through the fan pattern looks a lot like your scrunchy first picture. It’s nice to be able to see the final project.

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