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Taken away with things

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 15, 2010

I hope you’ll forgive me, dear reader(s):

I’ve been working, and knitting, and knitting and working, but what I haven’t been doing is taking pictures of the knitting, or talking about the working. 

I am currently Knitting on several projects, but one seems to be crowding out the others a little, for the sheer pleasure and simplicity of the pattern: Knitty’s Citron, from the Winter 2009 issue.  I’m knitting it in the gifted Wollmeise that Maja of Will Travel for Yarn gave me for the doggy disaster of ’08, and, if I’m not mistaken, she’s knitted a Citron also… (Make that 2.  She’s working on the 2nd one.  I’m such the slacker).

I’m also working on some Transition Mitts (Pattern by ShiBui), but in Trekking Pro Natura, a wool-bamboo blend sock yarn.  I’m using a blue-green variegated and a solid grey, and they’re uhmuhguh so pretty!  I’m up to round 37, and it’s going quickly, which is cool.  (I’m still only on the first mitt though.  I may be cursing these before all is said and done.  Hopefully not, though – they’re mighty purty.) Progress, Progress! We’ve got the progress!

Finished the first Gnome Mitt (fingerless variety), but haven’t woven in the ends yet… May have to rip out and redo the thumb – it’s really tight and doesn’t hit my hand in the right place, so it always feels like it’s pressing into the webbing between my thumb and the rest of my hand.  Not cool.  May need to engineer a fix for that.. ::ponders::  I may have caught a case of Second Mitt Syndrome, because I haven’t yet cast on for the 2nd mitt yet, and I need to, ASAP, or else these cute little guys might languish and not be done for mitt season.  Which would be a TRAVESTY!  (travesti executif…)

I’m pretty sure I have other knitting that I’m not telling you about…. Wait… Yup, yup I am…  I haven’t started my Lady Bertram Shawl yet (because I started it and then I wasn’t happy with it, and ripped out, and will have to start again.  But I haven’t done that yet.)

I’m still showing 95% done on my Hemlock ring because I haven’t:

  1. Woven in ends
  2. Blocked, or
  3. Painted it

…yet.  Because! (I have an excuse!) I need to do mini-ones to practice-paint first.  (Wa hahah!!!  You thought I wasn’t going to have a good reason, didn’t you?!  Didn’t you?!!!)

I’m also still trucking along on the Lace Ribbon Scarf, and it’s a pleasant knit.  It’s kinda challenging, but not so challenging that I can’t figure out where I am after a little looking (I’m using the chart, but I haven’t been marking it…. But I bought some little post-it flaggy marker thingies, so I might put them to good use. Maybe.), and the color transition is kind of rad – all the dark is pooling on one side and all the light is pooling on the other, so I might wear this dark-side down and let people think I did crazy things with the coloration.  Cause that’s how I roll.

I’m also working on some Crazy Ribs Mitts in beautiful Cherry Tree Hill yarn that Scherzando the Amazing gifted me for muh birfday a few years ago, and it’s SOOOO PRETTY!  I ran into a snag on these (read:  made a mistake on the thumb increases and had to rip back a bunch), and I haven’t had the mental wherewithal to pick it up and figure out where I am in the crazy ribs patterning and restart the thumb increasing. 

I also started a little ‘sample shawl to knit’ from the Gossamer Webs book, to learn how it all goes together, and got up to the little body part, and put it down.  for some reason, I’m having a disconnect with this and I haven’t figured out why.  Seriously, right now, it’s border knitting + garter stitch, and I can’t wrap my brain around it.  Maybe it’s the yarn I’m using (a little schnibblyof kidsilk haze someone gave me), maybe it’s the border (not a hard border, seriously, what the frak?!), maybe it’s the idea that if I get this process down, then I’m going to commit to knitting a ‘real’ gossamer shawl, and since I don’t have yarn for that at this point, I’m trying to forestall the inevitable….

I want to make an Estonian lace shawl too (from the Knitted Lace of Estonia book that Mr. Man gave me for Christmas last year that I read and re-read and still haven’t knit any patterns from it), and there are so many pretty patterns coming out right now (Spring Garden Tee for grownups by Alana of NeverNotKnitting, say?) that I really want to make them all….

Not to mention Mr. Man and I are supposed to be looking for a new casita and haven’t managed to look at even a single listing…. heh. 

Distracted knitter is distracted.


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