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Huh. Well, it had a good run

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 9, 2010

The bad news:  My computer of 7 years, Mr. Compy-pants, let’s call him, has taken the long solitary walk into the sunset.  Friends and computer professionals assure me that we had a good run, and that 7 years is “like a hundred years in computer time”.  Said friend and computer pro was surprised that the thing keeps the time and doesn’t lose my settings every time I turn it on.  Well, it doesn’t turn on now.  It had something called an “overheating event”.  I’m advised that I can band-aid it temporarily maybe by purchasing a new processor fan, but it would only be a band aid, and that I would be better served to buy a processor fan with a new computer attached to it. 

So I did.  I bought a super-on-sale Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop at Micro Center.  For about 1/6 the price of the machine I bought 7 years ago.  (I might be a leetle bitter about that.)  It has a faster processor (Mr. Compy-pants had a Pentium 4 — stop making that sound.  I know it’s old), more RAM than Mr. Compy-pants even had slots for, a hard drive with 4 times the space, and IT’S A LAPTOP.  So, for my blogging, web-surfing and seasonal World of Warcraft purposes, it’s more than adequate, which is cool.  Also? Not 7 years old.  That’s critical to the story, I think.  Did I mention it costed about 1/6 of the price of Mr. Compy-pants?  (Did I also mention that when I bought Mr. Compy-pants I only bought the tower and NO peripherals?  No?  Oh, well, I thought I should mention that.  Gives the story depth, doesn’t it, hmm?)  Anyway, yeah.  So I have a new laptop.  I’m going to probably treat it like a very small home computer instead of having it be a take-along machine, because I rather like the idea of leaving it home and not taking it hither and thither.  I may take it to Indy for Gen Con, since the idea of blogging the event sounds fun. 

Anyway, so I have this new laptop but I still haven’t pulled my old data that I want from my old compy, like my music library, my collection of downloaded knitting patterns and other important files that I really need to transfer.  But I digress.  New Laptop! Shiny!


3 Responses to “Huh. Well, it had a good run”

  1. Itsujikai said

    Wow! I guess it was a good computer after all, given the grief it gave you early on. It even outlasted its mouse (I had to put it down last year.)

    • Hey there! I didn’t know you still read (thought you quit a while back). Hope you’re doing well. Yeah, it had been having problems; I had to do a transfusion (video card) the year before, and it has had viruses and malware to contend with also, but it lasted me a good long time, for what it was. I have a shiny new laptop now, and it’s greased lightning, so that’s nice. It couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time, but there’s never a convenient time, so whatevs. My laptop is starting to grow on me, which I suppose is a good thing, since it’s probably going to have to last me a while, given my track record with computers. We’re still getting to know one another, so it’s still a tentative development.

      • Itsujikai said

        Yes, I stopped reading a looong time ago (knitter not am I). Quick story: A little more than three years ago, I replaced my work office computer. This week the computer controlling one of my instruments failed, and I had to graft my desktop into that instrument with unsettling amounts of cables, adapters, and cleanroom tape. I pulled my old one (this one) out of the filing cabinet I had hidden it in and set it back up. The link to wow-heroes on my (now-cannibalized) computer is is the same “physical” location as the link to this blog on the ancient one, so linking by feel brought me here. If you want to see my workplace, a customer shot a short video inside.

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