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The Summer of Shawlettes!

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 2, 2010

It is June, m’friends!  June!  Already!  Can you believe this stuff?!  June.  And tomorrow will be the 3rd!  Geesh!! Hard to fathom.

Well.  I have some fun news that doesn’t have accompanying pictures.

1) I finished the knitting on my Hemlock Ring Blanket (Awesome!)

2) I haven’t yet blocked it, so it looks like knitted lace as yet unblocked, which has the rough appearance of a mess.  Blocking is a magical, mystical event.  Once I block, I will shoot pictures.

3) I came to the realization over the weekend that in addition to my afghan, I should REALLY knit some mini-ghans (like really mini) to practice the hand painting with dye thing before I attack the “real” project, so that I don’t make the afore-mentioned hash out of it.  So I’ll be doing some little mini Hemlock Ring afghans, with a dk-weight yarn and less feather and fan.  They’re for practice, not miniature duplicates, after all.

4) I’ve decided, since the last 3 or 4 projects I’ve gone gaga (but not GaGa) over have been shawlettes, that this year will be the summer of shawlettes.  Case in point:  Citron from Knitty: gaga.  Started knitting it tonight with my prized ball of Wollmeise that was gifted to me by the lovely and talented Maya/WillTravel4Yarn, as a gift for untangling her beautiful ball of Wollmeise that her dog used as a fun toy.  The little dear.
Wollmeise 150g - Spring Fling 08

Sorry for the uber-shiny picture – I took it at night late and with flash – it didn’t likey so much.

Anyway, I started Citron.  I will take a picture soon.  Promise.

4)(cont’d):  More cases in point: The Cedar Leaf Shawlette by the Inimitable Alanna from NeverNotKnitting podcast fame, and the new Knitty Surprise pattern, Annis, which I also big-dig.  I’ll very likely be seeing shawlettes everywhere because I’m digging them so much right now.  It’s like deciding on the car you want and then seeing it all the time on the road.  I fixate.  It happens.

5) Yes, I’m still working on the Gnome Mittens, and the Lace Ribbon Scarf, and the next pair of socks, and the Transition Mitts, and the Crazy Ribs Mitts, and I’m still plotting many other projects to come (I’ve still got that PieKnits Phaidros Grecian Hat on the brain (if you’ll kindly pardon the pun) – gotta get that book!).  I’m just in love with the shawlettes right now.  Oooh, just thought of another one:  Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark.  See?  I’m on a rolllllll!


One Response to “The Summer of Shawlettes!”

  1. redfear said

    wow! you HAVE been busy!

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