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To the Planmobile! Ha!

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 30, 2010

I finished round 55 of my Hemlock Ring Gerbera Daisy Blanket today and I’ve been working out a plahn* for the border, so that it has pointy points instead of roundy-rounds, and so that it maybe, maybe has a dim glimmer of hope of being flat instead of a bowl shape (I partly hope that doing the feather & fan in a larger needle size than the center will be a help to that too, but we shall see.)  Now, I’m planning (pardon me, plahning) to paint this in cheerful gerbera daisy colors after the project is finished, and to this end, I realized today that if I don’t want to make a hash of it, I should probably do some practice versions (smaller, obviously) to paint first, so that I can get technique down on smaller ones, and then try my hand at the big piece.  This will take some doing, but fortunately I have some cream-colored wool that will do perfectly (at least, I think it will) so that I can get some experience with hand painting knits and get the color scheme down for my nefarious grand plahns (insert dastardly laugh here).  After that…. I’ll probably work on my gnome mitts and finish them up (wee!!) and some other waiting-on-me projects.  In exciting news, I found a couple of yarns yesterday at Hobby Lobby that I dig, and they were even on sale!  I got some great Paton’s Kroy FX, and some I Love This Cotton, which, as you might have guessed, I love.  Catchy yarn name, Hobby Lobby.  Well played.

Anyway, that’s the sum total of all I have to report here.  I’m a dullard from dull dullsville.  Sorry.  But I’m jazzed to be almost finished with the Gerbera Daisy Blanket!


*Say it in a Bond Villain voice.  Now say it in a Natasha voice (from Boris & Natasha, From Rocky & Bullwinkle, and if you didn’t know that, I am so very sorry for you, and you need to brush up on your retro cartoon shows.  Just sayin’.) It makes me feel silly every time, and improves my mood if I’m feeling blue.


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