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Progress! Photo! Progress Photo!

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 23, 2010

Hemlock Ring (5.17.10)
is now this:
Hemlock Ring Afghan Progress 5.23 (Remote)

Add about 4″ all the way around to account for the ‘draw-in’ of being still on a circular needle. I estimate that I’m about 70% done with the knitting.  So fast!  I’m about to start ball 2 (awesome!) and I’m enjoying the stuffing out of this project.  I’m still pondering the dyeing, but I’m no longer pondering whether to dye it, but what colors.  I’m thinking maybe doing a yellow center and a pink outside, like a gerbera daisy.  That’d be pretty, I think, and cheerful, since I love gerbera daisies and it would make me happy to put a gerbera daisy on my lap in the coldest part of (next) winter.  I switched over to my KP Interchangeable needles and onto the 40″ cable  (I was on a 24″ before and it was getting just a bit crowded!).

The fact that this is going together so quickly is yet another mark in its favor – I’ve been needing a satisfying ‘quick knit’ project, because my brain has become mush lately.  Definitely looking forward to that 3-day weekend next week! Gonna be a weekend of sleeping in and doing just nothing! (Nothing, of course, but all of the house stuff I’ve totally neglected this spring, like…. spring cleaning, and finally (!) getting rid of some of the crap that I’ve hoarded not been able to part with due to sentimental reasons (like being a pack rat), like all of the plastic boxes under my bed, and my not insubstantial collection of novels that I’ve already read but haven’t sold back to Half Price Books).  Now, of course a couple of those have valid purpose, like the toy stuffing that I don’t want to get dusty, and the cabinet overflow yarn (Oh, come ON!  It’s only 1.5 bins.  You know those don’t hold that much yarn anyway, right?  Right?! Besides, you have no room to judge.  If you even know what a yarn stash is, then you probably have one, so don’t be going all pot-kettle on me, buddy! :-D) I also have some CD Box sets under there, and many, many old diaries.  Diaries that I don’t want to keep anymore, but also don’t want to just throw away – I have this weird neurosis about someone reading my private thoughts, even if I don’t want to keep them in a box under my bed anymore – I don’t care about the books themselves, but I don’t want anyone else to read them, even someone I don’t know…  What do you do with old diaries?  Use them for fire starter for campfires and wood/charcoal barbecues?  Burn them in a fireplace?  Would burning them cause them to turn back up again, like a Ouija board?


3 Responses to “Progress! Photo! Progress Photo!”

  1. redfear said

    VERY pretty!

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