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Not getting any smaller. (and !)

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 17, 2010

So, last weekend, to add to the myriad projects I seem to be picking up and putting down lately (It would appear that I have knitting ADD and startitis.  Right on both counts.)  I’ve been struck with both knitting ennui and a tickling case of inspiration that I haven’t really experienced in a long time.  So Friday, I cast on a Hemlock Ring Blanket, of Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed fame.  If you don’t know Mr. Flood’s work, you should.  Go look.  I’ll wait.  Really.

Noted: His entry date for this project is 8.18.2007, which is 1 year to the day before Mr. Man and I started dating.  Okay, it’s significant to Mr. Man and me, and otherwise almost not an important date. But Mr. Flood’s Blanket took the knitting interwebs by STORM.  There was/is a yahoo group for knitting this afghan, there 3,499 projects of it in Ravelry, and that’s only RAVELERS.  I’m sure there are knitters and knitbloggers not keen to the Ravelry way that have knit this too, and not even counting the myriad of knitters who probably knit this doily in mercerized cotton thread with tiny needles way back in the day when the original doily pattern was released.

Ahem.  /end fangirl squee.

Anyway, I cast on for it on Friday night, anticipating that it would be a good car project, if I could get through the fussy center doily bits before Saturday morning, (which, with a little fussing, came out perfectly), and I knit and knit and knit and knit, all through the weekend.

Now.  The doily is getting bigger, but I can no longer “prove” it, because it’s on a little circular needle and it now folds in on itself most tidily.  Tidily, if I was going to store it.  Not terribly tidy when I’m trying to shoot a picture, hmmm?  So anyway, I’m struggling with that just the tiniest little bit, because now it looks like a kicky beret for the Green Giant’s Nephew.  But, you know, in a sassy way.
Hemlock Ring (5.17.10)
What’s also notable is that my yarn ball, which was/is a nice, solidly wound ball of Cascade Ecological  Wool (color Oatmeal), has looked literally the same since I started the project.  Seriously.  It goes on and on and on, and the ball doesn’t appear to be getting any smaller.  In point of fact, it looks a little like it’s elongating.  Trippy.  As an aside, I am SO over dyeing this once I finish the project – this yarn is nice to work with in a nice neutral cream, but I really can’t see having a cream-colored afghan for long – it’s just begging for something to be spilled on it.  Maybe I should bite the bullet and just dye it dark brown, so the likely coffee/chocolate abuse that might be heaped upon it, if they don’t wash out, will at least blend in.*

I’ll end here with a picture, so you can judge for yourself, but I still think I might have come across a yarn ball singularity.

…Eh, heh.  So, I guess I won’t.  I thought I had a pic of a wound ball from before starting to knit, but I don’t.  I only have massive in-the-skein pictures.  My bad, there.  I’ll shoot a pic next time I wind a ball.

*I should mention that while my “shelf” does get subjected to food at fairly regular intervals, I don’t generally cuddle under a blanket while eating/drinking stuff, because of this fact.  Plus, this project being made out of wool (not a first wool project, but a first wool blanket), I don’t want to deal with the risk of felting it by having to wash it frequently, and since this is not superwash wool, it’ll probably be one of those that I pull out as a lap-blanket after all of the food has been relegated back into the fridge, or for company/special occasions, at least until it starts looking a little raggedy, then I’ll probably use it all the time.  Or until Sneakers co-opts it.


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