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Just a quick one here:

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 16, 2010

Sorry for blog silence all weekend.  I’ve been out doing things.  Things I can come back and talk to you about!

Saturday dawned overcast and humid, but cleared off by the afternoon and it was a sunny, beautiful day. We went out to Scarborough Faire, took in some shows, walked around, renewed acquaintances, laughed our fool heads off at the Motley Players III, who were really 5, Doktor Kaboom! (of SCIENCE!), watched the glassblowing demonstrations, managed to totally miss the zombies – I’m told they were in parade, but we were learning things about glass and managed to miss almost the whole parade.  It was big fun.  Bonus:  I didn’t get sunburned!  It’s a miracle!   My calves were tight from all the walking, but we had a good time, ate tasty, tasty food and had a blast.  Pretty funny, considering that they were forecasting rain all weekend.  Bahahahaa weather forecasters! You don’t know the ways of Dallas weather.  It waits for your forecast and then changes, just to jack with you.  Maybe they are wily to Dallas weather, though; maybe they said ‘rain all weekend’ in hopes that they’d be proven wrong.  In any case, it really was a beautiful weekend.  Today was slated for a relaxing, slow day; go out to breakfast, come home, chill out, watch movies, do housey stuff, and just generally make a Sunday of it.  It almost went like that… Turns out the Cousin-girly was in town with her beaux for a Nickelback concert, and collared Mr. Man and me for lunch at the Hard Rock.  Pretty cool stuff.  Hope they made it back town to Austin OK!

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Blockbuster movies and knitting, with a brief respite for cooking dinner, which Mr. Man and I agree that I knocked out of the park, and now I’m here, talking to you lovely folks, before I call it a night.

Hope you guys all had a fun weekend!


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