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An international wrong number.

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 11, 2010

I got a call the other day from another country!!  It was from country code 49, which, thanks to my Google-Fu, I learned was Germany.  I think it was a wrong number, though.  The person called me (at 8am my time – nobody here calls me at that time unless it’s a bleeding emergency on fire…. Miss K, she is not a morning person…), said something, I repeated “hello?” a couple times, and then they said something else, and hung up.  I have to think it was the German equivalent of either “wrong number, sorry”, or a swear word at getting the wrong number on what was probably an expensive international call.  Since my German is very limited, I’m going to assume it was the first one, but I wouldn’t really blame the caller if it was the 2nd one – I’d be miffed if I got a wrong number on an international call, too.

In other news, I finished socks!

First, one with a beguiling length of calf (which, she realizes belatedly, has couch-creases on it.  Sassy.):
Completed Socks

Steady now. Focus on the socks, not the shapely legs. Rarrr.

Now, a couple where you can actually see the insane coloration:
Best Foot Forward Completed socks (5.11.10)

How sassy is that? (FYI, if you fixate on weird details like I do, let me put your mind at ease by telling you the top two photos were shot in a mirror, and the third was shot while pointing directly at my feet, which is why the socks appear to be on opposite feet.  I didn’t take them off and put them on just to mess with you.  I’m far too lazy for those kinds of shenanigans …this time.)

On to the Deets:

Yarn is Berrocco Sox, knit with a US 2 needle (2.75 mm)

I didn’t look at my gauge, but it’s looser than usual on these, because I was practicing my “watching movies/talking/listening to guild discussion/whatever while knitting, but not looking at the knitting.”  Maybe they just felt like they went so fast because I wasn’t focused on them… I mean, I was just working along, working along, and I looked down and had a finished sock.

More deets:

Knit toe-up, starting from the Magic-8 cast on, using YOs as increases for the toes, up to a 64 st sock.  Knit for around 3″, then executed 2 rounds decreasing 4 sts each round, separated by 3 or 4 plain rounds, such that the decrease rounds were about 4-5 rounds apart (total of 8 sts decreased) through the arch, for shaping.  If you click through to my flickr on the brightest picture above, I noted about where I put these decrease rounds. You can also tell that the sock draws in just a little there. That little bit of shaping work is subtle (particularly in this colorway), but made a BIG difference in fit, because I have high arches and socks tend to just stretch over that expanse, but they don’t conform against it, which can be uncomfortable in shoes. Since I am the boss of my knitting, thanks to EZ and a number of awesome knitting demonstrators at the Dallas Handknitters Guild, I decided some shaping was in order, and custom-tailored these babies to fit me to a T. I love how you can do that with knitting.

I also learned that I tend not to tie my athletic shoes tightly enough, thanks to a seemingly random cognitive leap I made while out walking this evening. Last week at Guild, Lise mentioned that if you can feel the purl bumps on the bottoms of your socks and they bother you, your socks are too big and you need to size them down some. As my feet were aching from sliding around inside of my ridiculously expensive cross trainers, I wondered if a similar thing could be true because I hadn’t tied my shoes tightly enough. Thing is, these shoes fit me properly when they were brand spanking new (aka January. I didn’t wear them often when I first bought them, so they’re still pretty new). So I sat down on a bench and tightened the laces such that my feet wouldn’t slide around inside the shoes, and voila! My feet felt instantly better, and I think changing the tightness of my shoes actually helped my posture some and gave me a bit more energy, because I felt like I was standing up a little straighter and holding my stomach in engaging my core a little bit as I walked, instead of feeling completely spent from trying to balance inside my shoes and careening forward head-first and jiggling in painful ways because my shoes were too big, like Agador Spartacus from The Birdcage.  A tip: If you can take your shoes off without untying them, they’re too loose for serious walking. Having made that little pseudo-discovery and alteration, I feel like I could really get into this intentionally-going-walking-for-fitness thing, even if it is over 90 outside.  I also felt really clever, even though it’s just a little thing.

Plus I got to celebrate my healthy walk with some delicious fresh cherries and a bit of tangy sharp cheddar after dinner.  Yummy yum!!!


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