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Stark Realization

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 5, 2010

Wherein the knitter realizes she might have a leeetle thing about pink, and with Noro Kureyon Sock.

Remember this picture?

Yarn Cabinet 4.17.10

After I doctored this picture to show where my mojo was hiding on Monday, I went a-digging.

It’s a strange thing, looking at a photo of something instead of at the actual thing, sometimes.

For instance, the 3rd Yarn from the left on the top row, the kind of greeny-purple-y one is a ball of Lion Brand Sock Ease in Rock Candy.  It has this very subtle colorway of green, grey, purple and a little yellow, but primarily grey.  It doesn’t really present that way in the picture though.  It grabbed me in the picture, and I had to get up and go look at the yarn itself to figure out which yarn that was.  What also grabbed me is the yarn on the top left corner of the 2nd shelf.  That’s a ball of Kureyon Sock in shades of pink and black and purple.  I love it.  Well, in addition, there’s another ball, kind of near the center, next to the mojo-ball, and so I pulled it out, because I thought that looked kinda the same as the one in the upper corner.  It is the same.  Same colorway, different dye lot, and based on its location in the sockil record, I’d say it was probably bought on a different date, particularly given my weirdness about matching dyelots if at all possible.  But wait, there’s more!  Behind that wall of yarn is a capacious space.  Space where I ferret away the 2nd ball of yarns that need 2 balls to make a pair.  I reached back there and happened upon ANOTHER BALL of the same colorway, in the same dye lot as the one on the left.  Oh for goodness sake.

Thematically, there’s more: There are two chartreuse accented colorways at bottom center on the 2nd shelf.  (I should take this moment to mention that I’m only fixating on the 2nd shelf, the one with all the sock yarn.  The shelf below that, the one above the drawers is a whole different ball of wax. Heh.) I have exactly 2 balls of yarn that are primarily yellow. (Or I did, until Fiber Fest, when I won something like 12 hanks of Crown Mountain Spinnery Cotton/Wool in Yellow.  I’m really thinking about overdyeing this, because this particular color will make me look like Death Warmed Over on the 2nd or 3rd day.  Not good.)  The other yellows are intermixed and used as accent colors.  I also have lots of other pink, besides the three balls of the same Kureyon sock, which I think is rather interesting, since I own no outer clothing that features pink in any way.   (Unless you count the lining in my trench coat, which I do not; it doesn’t show when I’m wearing my coat, so why would I count it?)

Also, I kind of want to knit ALL of these yarns now.  I also want to pull out those three balls of Kureyon Sock and make a shawl or something, since it’ll give me something like 1200 yards of this yarn, I think….

One Response to “Stark Realization”

  1. FyrDrakken said

    I’ve had that same problem — check out my Ravelry stash and see the same colors reappearing over and over again. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a feature, not a bug, since if I keep buying my favorite colors my wardrobe coordinates with minimal effort. But I do try to make a point to check out my Ravelry stash before making a purchase — it’s kept me from buying a fair bit of redundant sockyarn, as I discover just how many unused skeins of that same color are already sitting in my bin at home.

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