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Knitting Guild

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 4, 2010

The Dallas Handknitters Guild held its final meeting for the 09-10 guild year this evening.  The old Board was thanked, the new Board was welcomed, and we had part II of Knitting Toe-Up socks, taught by the lovely and talented Lise, aka Knitting Rose.  Picked up a tip or two, and got to show off my mad knitting skillz with my Mondo Cable Cardi and my sock-to-beat-all-socks.  The people to whom I showed the sock agreed that it is in fact, mojo-licious and awesome.  Also, I’m going up the leg and I’m going to need to decide at what point I want to bind off and start the next one.  Since I’m not a huge fan of long, long socks, and since I split my ball so abysmally (I got 46g in one ball and 54g in the other… oops.), I should really come to a decision soon, since I don’t want to join yarn and knit more to one to make it the right length, or run out of yarn.  In other news, this coming guild year is going to be a year of lace.  Yay!!!!  Also, YAAAY!!!  There will be a KAL in Sept-Dec with a new, as-yet undisclosed pattern by The Knitting Fairy, and then more stuff after the new year.  I’d love to hear more about Orenburg Shawls, Knitted Lace v. Lace Knitting, knitted borders and insertions, Estonian Lace, Top-Down, Center-Out, and Bottom-up construction for triangular shawls, and other such delights.  Yippee!

Anyway, yeah.  I think my lace yarns are going to get a workout this year.  I’m so glad.  I’ve done a stole, scarves and a few center-out triangular shawls, and I’m really keen to dive into Galina’s Big Book o’ Skillz that I got at the DFW FiberFest this year, but every time I go to read it my brain goes, “uh uh!!! We’ve only got room for colorwork right now.  You’re going to have to wait.” And so the skillz sit outside the wrought-iron gates of my brain convent, peering longingly inside at the pretty, pretty colorwork postulates singing and dancing on hillsides and not having any discipline at all, going about their knitty business, but occasionally looking fearfully toward the gates, knowing that what’s outside won’t wait forever, and soon they’ll take their vows, have their patterns committed to memory (however holey*) and be put on the shelf to let new, lacy postulates take their turn romping on hillsides, singing songs and falling in love with rich widowers that have broods of extremely talented children.


So anyway, next year is the Year of Lace for the DHKG.  I’m pretty sure you can tell I’m stoked.

*A double pun.  I just made my own brain explode a little.

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