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Always room for improvement.

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 3, 2010

You’ll recall I’m working on a sock:
Toe up sock 5.2.10
Well, I started with a straightforward toe, increasing with yarnovers, 4 to a round, every other round.  I got up to the stitch count I wanted, and knit for a while.  Then I did 2 decrease rounds, decreasing a total of 8 stitches, 4 to a round, about 4 rounds away from each other.  Turns out that this fiddling around has yielded about the best fit I’ve had with a hand knit sock, to date.   Also, I turned the heel tonight with a flap and gusset heel, and tried it on.  Seriously?  Best fitting sock I’ve made.  Seriously.  The decreases in the foot nestle oh-so-elegantly up against my high arches, and the socks fit my feet like a glove…. except, you know, for feet.  I worry that I’ll struggle with the second sock, getting the increases in just that right place, and that’s why I’m telling you, my dears.  Y’all are going to remember for me.

Anyway, I set out for these to be just socks.  Lovely, easy, mindless socks, and instead I’m cranking out a pair of socks at record speed, that fit me better than any other socks I’ve made for myself up to this point. I’ve already turned the heel!  I started knitting on Saturday night!  Love.  Major Sock Mojo Love.

I was worried I’d lost my knitting mojo, but it turns out that it was just hiding out in a ball of Berrocco Sox.
Mojo Hiding Place
Now I just need to find out where my lace knitting mojo went.  Maybe it’s ducking behind a ball of Cherry Tree Hill Laceweight Wool/Silk…
Cherry Tree Hill Laceweight


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