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Knitting I didn’t know I needed.

Posted by Miss Knotty on May 2, 2010

Good evening, Y’all.  It’s been a pretty quiet, but lovely day here at Casita del Knotty.  Mr. Man and I got my GenCon badge ordered, so that’s cool.  I guess it means that it’s true, I’m really going to GenCon.  I have some observations for a Sunday:

1) Carrollton has many parks.  However, these parks are not accompanied by parking lots.  This presents a challenge when I don’t much care for parking on the roadside to use the park.  This resulted in Mr. Man and I trying three (3!) parks before we found one with a parking lot.  I know, it’s weird that I don’t park on the side of the road, even if there’s room to park, but it’s just a thing with me.  I like having parking spaces and lines between the cars and ORDER.  Call me OCD, I don’t care.  Those boundaries comfort my soul.  As a result, we took a scenic drive around Carrollton before we found a park with a parking lot, and the park we finally chose was Mary Head Carter park, on Kelly Dr., just south of the Bush.

2) This park, I happened to recall, is a park where the SCAdians do fighter practices on Sunday afternoons.  Oh, Goody.  I didn’t want to go to this park, due to said SCAdians (I’m sure most SCAdians are nice, but the ones indigenous to this area really give the Society for Compulsive Accuracy (which is really so ironic, isn’t it?!) its bad name.)  Which is part of why we went to 2 other parks before coming to this one, in the vain hope of finding somewhere that wasn’t populated by people in technicolor poly/cotton pennies, trying to hit each other with (foam covered) sticks.  Accurate my Aunt Hannah.

3) We found a disc-golfing course in another Carrollton park, in Area 4 Greenbelt, but it was in one of the park-on-the-side-of-the-street parks, and so we may have to try again sometime, preferably in Mr. Man’s truck.

4) There is a Russian Banya restaurant on Marsh @ Rosemeade.  I’ve never eaten Russian food, that I know of, so I’m kind of keen to try it out.

5) We had Twisted Root for dinner, FTW!  I (heart) Twisted Root.  It’s going to also make an AWESOME lunch tomorrow.  Yay!

6) I watched Love Me if You Dare, (Jeux d’Enfants), a fascinating, Amelie-esque French film tonight, and got five (5) previews.  5 Previews and all of them were movies I would want to see.  It’s as if the people producing this DVD thought to themselves, “If the person renting this video likes this movie, they should like these other ones too”, and actually picked thematically similar movies for trailers.  It’s a FREAKING miracle.  Also, bully for Paramount Classics for hitting the nail so very solidly on the head.  I’m tewtally updating my Blockbuster queue.

7) Apart from watching the movie, which was great and I recommend it, I also got some knitting done.  My Lace Ribbon Scarf
Lace Ribbon Scarf 5.2.10
is moving right along, and I started these socks last night, watching some Ace of Cakes on DVR with Mr. Man:
Toe up sock 5.2.10
They’re cruising right along too.  I didn’t realize how badly I must have wanted to cast on some plain ole socks until last night, but I guess I just really did.  I decided in a split second, got up, walked to my yarn cabinet, pulled out this yarn
Berocco Sox
split it into two balls, grabbed my KnitPicks Harmony DPNs and cast on.  By the time I went to bed last night, I’d already finished the toe increases and was up into the foot.  I’m already about an inch away from starting the heel on the first sock.  It’s kind of crazy, but it’s SO SATISFYING.  I don’t know why it’s struck such a chord with me these last two days, but I just feel… compelled.  Compelled is a good word for it… to knit these socks.  I have no less than 2 colorwork projects on needles, both of which are mitts, one pair of non-colorwork fingerless mitts, and a scarf, I just don’t even care.  I dove into these socks with wild abandon, and I’ve actually got rocking amounts of progress to show on them already.  Such potato chip knitting.   Knitting I didn’t even know I needed.  Thanks, Knitting, for having my back.  Gold star for you, on the chart of Things that Make My Life Awesome.


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