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Posted by Miss Knotty on April 28, 2010

Wednesday.  Odin’s Day.  Mercredi.  Hump day.  Ahh, here we are at midweek again. Midweek, at midday, I found myself remembering this yarn:

I bought it at a yarny estate sale in 2007.
The problem that arises is this: I don’t think those are 8 ounce balls, and I don’t think they have 490 yards to a ball; thus, I don’t believe I have anywhere NEAR 2940 yards of this yarn, which is what the Gods of Ravelry tell me is so.

Thus, I’m in a bit of a quandary.  The bigger quandary is this:  Where the heck did all the ballbands go?  I pulled this yarn out of ye olde yarn cabinette and there is nary a ballband to be found.  Not even in my Giant Sack O Yarn Labels, which, you might surmise, contains MANY ballbands.

Anyway, the yarn is called Di Dyed by Creative Fibers in Minneapolis.  I used my Google Fu and the Shop Creative Fibers has a website, so I will probably be making a call tomorrow to see if they know the name/origin/any facts about this yarn.  I imagine it’s rather old, but beyond that I’m stumped.  I really wish I’d gotten a better pic of that ballband back in 2007, because it seems to be my only link with info about this yarn.

What brought up this seemingly random reminiscence was that I was listening to Ms. Gigi (of Knitmore Girls fame) talk about her Lady Eleanor Shawl (from Wrap Style, edited by Pam Allen and Ann Budd)  that she was gifted, and it reminded me of this yarn, because that was my original intent, to knit an entrelac stole, which I maintain would be gorgeous in these colors.

That said, the yarn is a little bit scratchy and I don’t know that I’d be wanting it against my skin, so I’m rethinking that tactic, and thinking of maybe making a pretty throw out of it instead, or a big honkin’ shawl, or something.  Even if I don’t have 2900 yards of it, I do have some yardage here, so I figure I should use it to best advantage.  I was thinking maybe a Girasole or a Hemlock Ring blanket.  Even in Worsted instead of Aran/Chunky weight, this would still be an appreciable piece, and the colorway would look good in a feather and fan pattern, I think.

Anyway, since I can’t find the yarn in ravelry, apart from my own entry, and since there is not a singularity in the center of any of these balls (I checked) such that the yarn will go on infinitely, I have to assume that I do not have 2940 yards of it, and I should find something to do with it.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you have some yarn called Di Dyed in your stash, or you’ve come across some in your yarny travels, please drop me a line.  If anyone needs me, I’ll be rooting around in the yarn cabinette.

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