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Can’t trust that day.

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 26, 2010

I’m a sad panda.  It turns out that my camera has a bone to pick with me;  I took pictures at a handfasting ceremony this weekend (thank God I wasn’t the official photographer!), and it turns out that out of the pictures I took, exactly 1 came out.  :( Boo!  So. not. pleased.

I took some pictures at home, and I either need SteadyCam because I have shaky, shaky hands, or my camera has some kind of inner imbalance that I didn’t know about before, so it doesn’t take piccies too well.  Sad face.

I did get some pictures tonight, so I’m wondering if maybe my camera is best suited to entirely stationary things, because, like Dr. Horrible’s Freeze Ray, my camera “takes a few seconds to warm up…” so, by the time the camera is going, the people have already gone.  Argh.  Gonna have to get a better camerino, I guess.

Anyway, I shot pictures of my scarf from yesterday, and I finished my Garterlac washrag on Saturday night.
Leno weaving first attempts 4.25.10 Leno Woven scarf 4.25.10 Garterlac Washcloth (4.24.10)

So, that’s kinda fun, I guess. I’m still bummed about the more important pictures. :-(

Edited to add:
Steampunk-inspired fascinator
Steampunk-inspired Fascinator; made at the Evening of Steampunk at Irving Public Library


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