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“Only a few words today,

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 24, 2010

and that with pencil.  Yours.”*

I’m going to Eisenhower State Park with Mr. Man this afternoon.  Several of our friends are camping there (I haven’t been into camping since I was… I don’t know… 10?  I did some more camping when I was 18 or 19 because I thought I was still into it, and those few experience really cemented for me that I LOVE NOT CAMPING.  Unless you mean “camping out in my living room, playing Wii, watching a movie or poring through knitting pattern books to my heart’s content.”  You know, in the air-conditioned, temperature controlled, bug-free (or at least bloodsucking bug free – I’ve seen a bug or 2, but I’ve helped them to valhalla, if you get my meaning) environment where I don’t have to wear presentable clothes if I don’t want to – I can wear worn out comfies and I won’t be violating any local ordinances.  I also don’t have to worry about 4-legged visitors more interested in my foodstores than in tangling with me, or the people that think that in the woods, no one can hear you scream. (I might have watched a few too many scary movies.  I admit nothing.)  Point is, people CAN hear you scream in a fully-occupied apartment building.  And the police aren’t far away, if it goes that route.  If I wanted to get really rustic, I could even have a fire in the fireplace.  All the ambiance, none of the worry that it’s going to spark up and burn every tree to the ground in a wild conflagration, making me Smoky The Bear’s Most Wanted.  (Not a great fire-tender.  But you could probably have guessed that, you clever things.)

Anyway, yeah.  We’re going out there, to go to a hand-fasting/wedding ceremony that Mr. Man is participating in, and in which I’ve promised not to make him laugh during his part.   (I made him laugh while he was practicing, and that’s apparently making his life difficult.  Oops.  I still maintain that making people laugh at inappropriate times is not a crime.  That I know of.)

Other thoughts:


Here’s the yarn I bought yesterday.  I’m sharing it with you first; I haven’t even put it in Ravelry yet (That shouldn’t come as a surprise.  I’m woefully remiss in taking pictures and putting yarn in Ravelry.  But you probably knew that too.)

Universal Yarn Co Cotton Supreme Batik Laines du Nord Kiddy Print

Abrupt, segue-free subject change!  (Which is a segue in itself, if a poor one.  Heh.)

I went to Borders last night, to try and find a copy of Weaving Made Easy.  While I love Borders and its craft selection is pretty great, it had NO books on weaving.  Probably 100 knitting books, and crochet and quilting and beading and jewelry making and woodworking and origami and even a token book on spinning yarn, but not a single book on weaving to be had.  Not one.  Insert sad panda here.  But, I am told that they have it on their website, if I’d like to order it, and the most recent coupon for members has a web code so I can get a discount.  Neat.  (But I needed it for this weeeeekkkkeeeennnd. \end whining.)

But it’s OK. I’ll manage, somehow! <insert dramatic and ironic hand-to-forehead gesture…. here.>

I did find a book that might help my writing to y’all, though:  Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within, by Natalie Goldberg.  I’ve read through the first few chapters (although I should probably read it workbook-style instead of novel-style, but I’m just absorbing it all as I go this time through.  I’ll go through it slower once I start doing writing exercises.)

I don’t consider myself to be a novice writer, per se; I’ve been journaling for years, and blogging for 4 and a half, and I don’t think I’m a bad writer, but we all have room to improve, and as I’ve been Na-Blowing-for-the-Po-Mo (steady!), I’ve gotten more and more into the idea of telling you guys stories, even if they’re impersonal ones.  In any case,  I do a LOT of writing, for myself, for/to my friends, and for my work.  Any opportunity to improve those skills beyond simple grammar and sentence structure, and making writing more into my voice than a flat, impersonal communication should be something to seek out.  Besides, developing confidence in my own voice, written or not, would probably help improve some self-esteem issues that seem to be plaguing me right now, both personally and professionally.

I know I don’t blog ultra-personal stuff most of the time, (because I don’t think people should do that.  It’s the INTERNETS.  Don’t put your personal feelings out there – you never know who is reading, and whether that person will hold/use those personal thoughts/feelings against you. Man is sometimes awful to his fellow man.)  The Web by its very nature is impersonal, but people put a LOT of their private selves out there, and I think it usually turns out to their detriment.  All that said, I like getting up here and talking out into space.  What I’m up to, who I’m hanging out with, and whether I make people laugh is pretty secondary to the satisfaction I get out of telling the stories, even if it’s only to myself and Mr. Man, and to making myself laugh and enjoy elements of the stories I might not have thought about, unless I was intentionally seeking the humor in the situation, which is hard to do in the moment. Or making something that felt like a travesty when it happened into a funny anecdote instead, and sometimes just getting junk off my chest that I needed to say, audience or no.  This isn’t my personal journal, but I enjoy pseudo-journaling here, and if you are reading, I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it, even if it’s to scoff at my meager offerings (in your opinion), or rage at my opinions that are counter to yours, or to tell a friend about this doofus whose blog you read that shouldn’t bother ever speaking, lest she reveal her ignorance in world affairs.  Or to have a laugh at something, or to widen your own worldviews because you live in a small town and don’t have yarn shops hither and thither, or to see pictures of actual handspun fiber that you didn’t realize people still spun by hand, or knitwear that you can’t believe someone constructed with sticks and string, one stitch at a time, or whatever.   You wouldn’t read here (or continue to read here) if you didn’t get something out of it, and almost no reading is wasted**, so read on.  Drop me a line if it touches you – I love to hear from readers, even if we disagree, or if I don’t have all  my facts straight, please tell me, so I don’t go on sounding like a doofus.


*From the film Immortal Beloved, from the love letter from Beethoven to his secret love. (apparently the film’s version wasn’t a word-for-word account either, but we never really expect that from Hollywood anyway.)

**I think some reading time is wasted; for instance, If you’re reading bad lit“. But even it serves a purpose:  somebody has to be the worst, so that people can point and say, “that.  Don’t do that.  That’s bad writing.”  Or so psychologists can look at it from all angles and say, “hrmm, this author has problems.  She romanticizes/normalizes violence and implicitly supports subjugation of women.  And girls buy it.  And buy it.  And buy it, and beg for more of it.   Something’s extremely wrong with this picture.”


2 Responses to ““Only a few words today,”

  1. Jennifer said

    I loves your bloggyblog and I misses you! Helps me keep in touch with the cool people I left behind. *HUGS*

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