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Spinning wheels, bosoms and other Tomfoolery on a Friday

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 23, 2010

So, Monday is scheduled for Boobquake.  Hope lots of people will tune in, and we’ll finally learn if female immodesty actually is directly responsible for tectonic activity.  I’ll only be a partial participant, since I have a job in a conservative office, and I’d rather stay employed; after all, millions on Welfare are depending on me!

In other news, Lara and I headed down to Lancaster to spend a little time test-driving spinning wheels at The Sassy Spinster, a wonderful little shop on the historic town square, and 2 doors down from a diner and ice-cream shop.  What’s not to love?!  (We didn’t pop into the diner, but in my imagination, it has a hexagonal-tile mosaic floor, depression glass chandeliers (or at least reproductions), Kerouac wannabes in black berets in the corner, furiously writing in moleskine journals while their girlfriends try out verse, in their tight-fitting sweaters, skintight black trousers and silk neck scarves, and an old-fashioned soda fountain.  I sure hope it lives up to my fantasy!)

….but I digress.

Anyway, I walked in to The Sassy Spinster and met the owner, a sweet lady named Susan, who introduced me to the newest member of the Kromski Family, the Fantasia.  This was a wheel, sitting in the middle of the middle room, that greeted me when I walked in.  It gave me a once over and a come-hither look, and I was smitten.  I love the look of all of the Kromski wheels, because they have an ‘old world’ feel to them, and I Loves Me some old world.  But this one is different.  It’s very clean and modern, but in an early 20th century kind of way.  It has a very clean, minimalist, Art Deco/WWII USA aesthetic to it, in all of its different finish options.  There are three finishes, one of Walnut with a ‘clear’ accent (which is just a natural, blond wood finish), one of ‘clear’ Alder with a Walnut accent, or an unfinished option, for the adventurous finisher.  I LOVE the walnut with the alder accent.  Love it.  It reminds me of dark hair with a distinguished silver streak.  Mature, but elegant.

I also kind of love the idea of getting one and painting it powder blue with pearlized white detailing, and adding chrome accents, like a ’54 Chrysler Imperial. I know, the ’54 is neither pre-WWII nor Art Deco, on its face, but I think Deco enjoyed a brief renaissance in the early 50s (or never fully died out), and clean, smooth lines and geometric architecture have a pleasing symmetry, no matter when they were conceived.

It makes me happy that it has a kind of low price point, for a spinning wheel, but, as per usual, the devil is in the details.  The wheel, as boxed, only has a 5:1 and an 8:1 ratio, with an option to buy 10/14, and 18/20:1 ratios separately (a good deal for a novice spinner, but a more experienced spinner will likely want to buy them all ‘in one shot’ together, so they don’t have to go back for them later.)  It claims to have an attached lazy kate, but it’s actually just two metal prongs stuck in the base to the outside of the treadles, at kind of a wonky angle for plying, but hey, maybe I’m the wonky one, at least in the plying department.  Still, I’d probably invest in a few extra bobbins, the additional whorls and a separate kate, and make it a kit.  But that’s me.

We had a great afternoon, and I picked up a LOVELY ball of variegated pink mohair for a scarf, a ball of green-blue-taupe pima cotton for a head napkin, and a bar of soap that smelled luscious by Zum soap and we had ourselves a wonderful afternoon excursion!


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