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The Scarf begins!

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 21, 2010

I started the scarf!  I made it a good 11 rows, and then Starbucks closed and it was time to book it home.   You know, I love knitting triangular shawls, but there’s something really pleasant about knitting something that doesn’t continually get wider as you go.  Those last rows of knitting on a triangular shawl (at least if you’re doing center-out) can feel like they take forever to finish a row, or the hours it takes to do a bind-off that’s not too tight because you’re excited to be binding off x00(0?) stitches after n days/weeks/months of work.  No, there’s something definitely lovely about a project with a fixed number of stitches, that takes (roughly) the same amount of time to get across every time.  Lace Ribbon Scarf, let’s be friends for a while.

I also started a Garterlac dishcloth out of some tonal green I Love This Cotton that I picked up for a song at Hobby Lobby – May I just recommend this yarn?  It’s wonderful!  It’s so silky, you almost can’t believe you’re knitting with cotton.  I know people sometimes sneer at big box brands and prefer the artisanal this or that or supporting their LYS, and that’s fine and good and I agree.  Support your LYS.  But for dishcloths, this yarn is the way to go!  It’s smooth and soft, 100% cotton, reasonably priced, you can get 2 cloths out of a ball easily and you won’t feel bad about using and enjoying them, because it wasn’t hand spun by nuns in the most remote convent in insert-location-here and that’s why it’s such a premium price, so you knit it up and never use it.  Use these to bits, people!  That’s what they’re for!

Anyway, not much to say today, it was a long one, and I’m sleepy. Gunite!


One Response to “The Scarf begins!”

  1. manda said

    I LOVED knitting my lace ribbon Scarf! well, it wasn’t MINE. I was knitting a sample for Snicklefritz Yarns.. but I loved it so much, I want one for my very own. I just haven’t gotten around to it. LOL :) I can’t wait to see your progress!

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