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Projecty Overwhelmedness in the form of an embarrassment of riches

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 19, 2010

I want to knit one of these.  Except I want to do it in shades of green, set all of these on a squid tentacle, and also make an Unspeakable Hat, and maybe some green mitts of a themed variety as well.   In addition, I have 269 patterns in queue in Ravelry, and 6? 4″ 3-ring binders full of knitting patterns, as well as this:
Yarn Cabinet 4.17.10 Bottom of Yarn Cabinet 4.17.10
and this:
Spinning Fiber Stash (4.17.10)
and these:
Bookcase full of books, some of which are about knitting (4.17.10)
And that doesn’t include the beads/stitchmarker makings, the fabric, or any of the other various and sundry crafty crafts I have in the pipeline right now. (like…. Podcasting?  Or maybe blog– oh, nevermind.)  

Chalk that all up to years of stash enhancement for all of these hobbies that has me TOTALLY overwhelmed about what I want to work on next. Basically, the facts are that I have too many pattern options, too much yarn (gasp! She did NOT just say that!), and too many varied craft interests, and I can’t decide what I should work on next.

The ‘sample shawl to knit’ Orenburg lace project from Galina’s book, Gossamer Webs?

Or maybe the Gossamer Stole pattern from the Alpaca Yarn Company that I picked up at DFW FiberFest last weekend? 

Or maybe I should spin some yarn.  I got that gorgeous indigo-dyed bamboo fiber (from FiberLady), or that lucious black and white merino (from Texas Fiber Mill), or maybe the Wensleydale/Tencel batts I got (from the lady whose name I cannot remember…)?  I have an almost-available drop spindle… Or maybe I should pull out some fiber from yesteryear – the beautiful hand-dyed alpaca I got from that girl on Etsy?  Some merino/tencel in lovely chartreuse and black, courtesy of Lara and her mom, the Mad Scientist behind Mad Scientist Dyeworks?  Some partially spun up black/pink yarn that I have ALREADY PREDRAFTED and ready to go, only to heartlessly abandon it for something newer and shinier?

Or maybe I should dig into the handspun I’ve already spun and try to find a pattern that would suit? Or Andean ply the rest of that lovely 100% Merino
Yarn 2 from the ArtFelt kit that I COULDN’T BELIEVE ANYONE WOULD EVER FELT ARE YOU KIDDING PEOPLE THIS IS HAND-DYED 100% MERINO FIBER – DON’T FELT THAT!  Anyway, a bunch of singles left after I plied that I wound into a ball to free up the bobbin, and I didn’t ply it up right then, so…. probably ought to do that, just for the sense of satisfaction and “Aaah, I’m finally finished”ness of it all.  It probably wouldn’t take more than a sitting to do….

All that said, this is why I sort of regret that I don’t let UFOs linger. I’m pretty heartless about projects that I abandon – I just look at them one day and say, “I’m not in love with you anymore. Sorry…” and then pull the needles out, wind the yarn onto a niddy noddy, and put it away for the next time I find it shiny and new.  I am a strange creature.

Maybe I’ll do a herringbone scarf from that leftover Peruvian Baby Cashmere I have from the Apres Surf Hoodie, for a gift or something….. ACH! I can’t decide!!!

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