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Little changes that make a difference

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 18, 2010

I did a little bathroom updating today!  Thanks, Target!

New Shower Curtain Updated Bathroom Updated Bathroom Accessories (2) Updated Bathroom Accessories
I got some cute frosted-glass look accessories that are acrylic, a milk-glass (it’s white glass, not glass made of milk… Also, ew?!) soap dispenser that feels a little steampunky, in its mechanism, and kind of reminds me of a 50s seltzer bottle, at the same time.  I also (finally) got rid of that shower curtain (the navy one with the astrological symbols all over it, that was oh-so-cool when I was in college (well, to me, anyway)), and got a white hotelly-looking* curtain instead.  Amazing how much lighter the bathroom feels with just getting rid of all of that dark fabric.  I don’t have a picture of my bathtub tile, but take my word for it that it has little on-point navy blue accent tiles around the top, so I accessorized against that navy with a navy blue toilet rug, and a navy blue little bath rug in front of my sink, and my bath linens were already navy, so coordination win!

Blackout Curtain

I also installed blackout curtains in my bedroom this week.  I thought that my sleep problems were work-related, (i.e. stress) and I think the truth is that I live in an EXTREMELY light-polluted area, on the top floor, in a west-facing, corner apartment on the corner of a busy intersection. So it turns out, when your bedroom is bright as freakin’ daylight all the time, it’s really hard to get good, deep sleep, particularly when you’re accustomed to a dark room (ah, winter, I miss you so much.  Also?  Daylight Savings Time is an affront to all things good and right. And soooo not necessary anymore.)  So, blackout curtains.  I installed them on Wednesday night after work, with the help of a tired and sore Mr. Man and, for the first time in probably 3 weeks, I got a decent night’s sleep.  So effective, and they even block out a little noise too, which is helpful.  They’re kind of a gold color, which coordinates with the gold in my quilt/bedspread, so yay!  I’m so getting into this color coordinating thing!

Edited to add:  Apparently, I need to pull down both my shower curtain and my blackout curtains and IRON them.  Fail.  Oh well, at least I’m consistent.  And the shower curtain creases will ‘fall out’ after the first couple of showers.  The blackout curtains, though….. Hrm.

In other probably-only-interesting-to-me news, I learned last night from an antiques guy that furniture qualifies as “antique” at 100 years old.  So my great-grandmother’s bedroom suite, while a family article, isn’t an antique (yet), I’ve got about 30 years to go in order for it to “qualify”.  But that’s cool, I still like it.

In still more probably-only-interesting-to-me news, we had a little tiny cold snap this weekend, and I got to wear my Mondo Cable Cardi! WEEEE!!  I looked uber-sassy, all the ladies agreed.  (insert sassy head waggle here).

I got all ambitious and cleaned out my knitting bag, too.  This was A Good Thing, because on Thursday night, after CCOD, I put it, my new Galina Books, and my purse on my front passenger seat to drive home, and the “Passenger Air Bag Off” light came on.  Which means that all of that together weighed the same as a child between ages 5-8 (the airbag shouldn’t deploy on kids this age as it can hurt them more than protect them, apparently, so Nissan ingeniously put a weight range on the front passenger seat that makes the passenger airbag shut off.  Below that range (I’m not sure what the bottom weight is, but I think it’s between 40-50 lbs, maybe) and it sees it as empty, above a certain weight (maybe 100 lbs?), and it sees it as “an adult”, or at least a kid that wouldn’t die as a result of airbag deployment in a front-end collision.  Cool, huh?  I love my car.) So yeah.  MY KNITTING BAG WAS AS HEAVY AS A KID.  Definitely, DEFINITELY time to clean it out.  I can’t imagine the stress I was putting on my knees and back hauling my own not insubstantial patootus** (sp) around and then adding another what…. 50 lbs?… onto that?  (I don’t even know what a child between 5-8 years old would weigh, but 50 lbs seems like a fair estimate.)

Oh! Project-wise, I’m working on sorting beads, ripping out a sweater to re-purpose the yarn, and I’m going to be doing some weaving soon, so that’ll be fun.  Need to figure out what I’m going to weave.  Maybe some more coaster-thingies, maybe some placemats or something to go with the coasters I already made, maybe something in 100% wool to try felting/fulling…. I want to get a book on weaving with the Cricket Loom and try some stuff.


*Hotelly-looking might not officially be a word, but you knew what I meant, so communication took place.  Bahahaa.

**For those of you who don’t know, and probably think I’m just making up words at this point, I’m totally not.  Patootus (although it’s probably not spelled that way), was a word my mom used a lot (and may still use), to mean posterior, or person-at-large. I’m sure there’s a much more crass way of saying that in many fewer words, but there it is.


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