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Wherein the knitter has trouble pronouncing things… And other stuff.

Posted by Miss Knotty on April 17, 2010

NaBloPoMo.  Na-blow-Pomo?  Nablo-po-mo? Na-Blo-Po-Mo.

Well, whichever it is, I joined it.  National Blog Post Month, wherein bloggers write a blog post a every day for a month. It started as a jokey spin-off of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which occurs in November every year, but, as I am not a writer (per se), and I never really had the “I’m going to write a whole book!” thoughts, I figure, this is a little less ambitious, and I might, MIGHT actually succeed at it.  Seeing has how I’ve been a massively failed blogger for the last few months, except for my rant about the Federal Gubment and Health Insurance reform, I suppose I should get back to the subject at hand – well, so to speak – and that’s knitting.  I’m meant to be a knit blogger, and I haven’t blogged about my knitting in ages.  So I’m going to remedy that.

Item the first:

I finished my Mondo Cable Cardi! (That you probably didn’t know I was in a KAL doing, poor dears.  Mea Culpa. Let’s move on.)  I knit it in the Pingouin Fleur de Laine that was the failed Circumnavigated Cardigan from lo, those many years ago.  I have a ton of the stuff left, I might try making another Circumnavigated from the remnants…. We’ll see.  It’s great yarn, so I really want to do SOMETHING with it, you know?

I’ll put up a pic of me wearing the finished cardi as soon as I find a day cool enough to put on a 100% wool, aran-weight cardigan in Texas.  With the humidity being what it is, there’s not enough a/c in the WORLD, friends.

Edited to add:

Well, you’re in luck, my gentle readers, because there WAS enough a/c in the world, and I got my cardi shot.  :)
Mondo Cable Cardi, in Completion

Mods:  I took out a cable repeat to shorten the body in the waist, and knit 3/4 length sleeves instead of long sleeves, because the sleeves, as written, would have been WAY long on me (just like the body of the sweater – woulda been too long on my short-waisted self), and I wanted a 3/4 length sleeve. So there.  Also, I did the 2″ length collar option instead of the 4″ because I would have been CONSTANTLY messing with it at 4″ and it would have looked wonky. (To thine own self be true, and all that).  So 2″ it is.  I think it looks kind of Chanel-y.  But that’s me.  Need to make a decision relating to a neck closure, namely, whether to use one.  I think it looks sassy just lying open, but the pics I’ve seen with people wearing it closed look pretty sassy too, so…. decisions!  Later.

I’m also working on some Gnome Mittens.  SOOOO CUTE!  Pattern is by SpillyJane, who writes absolutely adorable patterns like the Robomitts and Robosocks, and other such lovely works, such as L’Amour et La Morte, fabulous socks with heart cables and skulls.  Lovely. Lovely lovely.

Gnome Mittens in Progress (4.17.10)

Apart from that, I’ve started a Lady Bertram Shawlette, written by the Fabulous WendyKnits, who gifted me the pattern for her blogiversary.  It being a gift, I had no choice but to shop the stash, find perfect yarn, and cast on immediately.  No choice, I tell you! (are they buyin’ it?)

That aside, I’m knitting it in Jojoland Melody, a fingering-weight yarn that’s absolutely delicious, which was gifted for Giftmas by the very sweet Dart & Daniel, and has a long color transition from a dark purple up to a beautiful turquoise and back, so that’ll be fun to wear, once it’s done.  I also (finally) started some ShiBui Transitions Mitts, but I’m knitting them in Trekking Pro Natura, not ShiBui (don’t tell!)  in a blue/green mix with a solid grey.  They’ll be lovely, too, except for how I’ve been full of slack and Gnome Mittens knitting, so I haven’t knit much on them, apart from knitting the cuff, and then stuffing them in a bag.

I’m also working on Cherry Tree Hill Wavy Ribs Mitts (no pattern link, sorry), but haven’t pulled them out since All-Con in March, because I borked the thumb increases and just haven’t had the motivation to pull them out, figure out where the bork occurred (at All-Con, silly!), rip back and make it right.  I know, I know.  I’ll get there.  Promise.

So anyway, that’s what mischief I’ve been up to.  See you tomorrow! (NaBloPoMo!)


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