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Drinking the Kool-Aid or: How the knitter became a podcaster after deciding that she wants to.

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 19, 2010

So yeah, going over and over my list and enjoying all of the comments on my last post, and listening to podcasters and enjoying the whole podcasting medium made me really think about how much I’d like to podcast.  I haven’t opted to podcast before because I thought I didn’t have anything that hasn’t been discussed by NUMEROUS other sources; but ultimately (and after talking with Knitting Rose about her podcast), I decided it wasn’t important that my subject matter is already covered.  So I decided to start one and give it a go.  Can I just say:

Podcasting is HARD!

I started my cast on and just finally figured out the ‘registering your podcast on iTunes’ thing last night, and recorded my second episode (at this point, I don’t know whether it’s been accepted.) The recording process wasn’t that hard, I just referred to my handy Post-It of notes for my subject matter (yes, I write show-notes on Post-Its. Don’t judge me.) and talked for a good 35 minutes or so.  Then I started editing.  I edited for FOUR HOURS and still did not have a usable podcast by the end of it, when I conceded defeat, saved my work and decided to attack it later.  It was important to me that I get the podcast recorded while I still remembered my impressions of the movies I was reviewing, but at this point, I don’t even know if my content is usable, because I had a few pretty big gaps between audio tracks  – like 15-second empty space gaps.  So I’m still trying to get this figured out, and I may end up scrapping the whole program and re-recording using the mypodcast recorder instead, even though it doesn’t let me edit out conversational gaps and microphone pops.  I’m still deciding.  I also need to figure out my levels (listen to me, sounding all recordy-savvy!), so that I can avoid the pops and the breathing sounds in the first place.  I also need to figure out why I sound nasal to myself in playback.  Maybe I’m just nasal, but maybe I’m just all allergy-afflicted and I need to take some freakin’ claritin.  I also registered on the podsafe music network and I’m thinking about incorporating a little bit of music, but I haven’t worked all of that out yet.  Since I’m still a total podcasting newb, I don’t know how to incorporate stuff beyond my own voice recording.  I think Audacity has a music-mixing option but I don’t know what/if I’m going to be mixing music in yet.  I really like the podcasts that have/start/end with musical interludes/theme songs, so we’ll see.  Other podcasters do it, so it must not be impossible.   

If you’re interested in giving a listen, the cast is Knot Watt Ewe Think.

Knitting progress:  Still working on the Gillaspie Gothic Gauntlets by Elizabeth Helmich, out of Berroco Pure Alpaca Light on US 2s

Next in Queue:  Wendy D. Johnson’s Ida’s Delusions of Grandeur Sock, out of Sweet Georgia hand-dyed sock yarn in Snapdragon (probably on US 1s or maybe 0s)

Beading:  Still sorting for Traceybead.  I’m down to a few hundred Charlottes left to go into color families, before I sort them into their unique color piles.  I still haven’t worked out how to sort them without spearing them on a needle, and we’re taking about LITERALLY thousands of  smaller than 11/0 needles that need to be sorted.  Need to figure this out, ASAP – Tracey wants her beads back! (for good reason – they’re PREEEETTTTYYYY!)

Reading: Still reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, currently reading Voyager (the third book in the series).

Ravelry: MissKnotty

Twitter: Miss_knotty

Next in Movie Queue:  TV Shows!:  (More) McLeod’s Daughters, Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies

Added last night to movie queue:  Movies starring Edward G. Robinson, Peter Lorre and some Humphrey Bogart.  Time for some blasts to the past!


One Response to “Drinking the Kool-Aid or: How the knitter became a podcaster after deciding that she wants to.”

  1. Hey, just found your blog through Craftlit… Thanks for the dynamite podcast list. As a thanks, if you’d like a free copy of the Knitcircus Spring Pattern collection, shoot me an email: jaalaATknitcircusDOTcom. Knitcircus was in print for two years and just went online, so if you’d like to check out the current issue, just go to the website, and click on the tiny pageflipping magazine.
    Can’t wait to check out some of these podcasts. Thanks again.

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