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Hijinxy Podcastery

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 12, 2010

I love Podcasts.  Love them.  They are my boon companion at work every day.  I suppose my iPod is my boon companion, because it is a podcast delivery device… (and, you know, tangible…), but I comment almost every day on Twitter or Facebook or Ravelry or where ever I post my inane commentary that day that I love podcasts and how happy listening to them makes me.  So, inevitably, my dear friends and gentle people almost always respond with, “We know you love podcasts.  What podcasts do you listen to?”   To which I always reply, “Oh, Tons, I’ll make you a list.”.  Which I then never do. Until Today.  Today, my dears, I am making you a list of the podcasts I listen to at present.

Crazy, I know.

Now, this is a fluid list.  If the podcast fades, I don’t listen to it anymore, (obviously), and I’ll even add a little bit at the end about what in podcasts I like generally and what I don’t care for, stylistically speaking.  Because I care.

If you have podcasts you like and they’re not on the list, but you think I’ll like it too, please feel free to tell me! :)

I have one specific podcast that I do not like, that I unsubscribed from having only listened to half a ‘cast, because I found the presenter incredibly irritating (which is a bummer, because the caster in question has interviewed some really interesting people, but I found certain vocal mannerisms annoying enough that I couldn’t stand to listen.  Now, granted, I only listened to half of one episode, but this wasn’t something that was a beginner mistake – the caster was up to something like 30 shows.  It was just that caster’s style.  So now you know.  I won’t continue to listen if the podcaster drives me crazy.  Using “Awesome” as a response to every interview reply, and then using “Awesome” as a descriptor is irritating.  Also, talking over your interview subject and interrupting their responses to your questions is extremely rude.  I chalk this up to both immaturity in the podcaster and poor interviewing skills.  I require at least a modicum of education in my presenters (or the appearance of education anyway).  It’s possible that the caster was fan… person….ing all over the interview subject, which happens too, but in addition to the comments here, also note that the sound quality was very poor, and listening to static and popping on the line, in addition to the grating podcaster made me give up, which I was bummed about, because her interviewee was REALLY INTERESTING.  I might try again, and I definitely intend to leave comments up on the podcast page about the sound quality and need to improve vocabulary, but in the interest of not dissing someone into the ground and dissuading this person from learning and improving the skills mentioned above, I won’t mention the cast here.  Which is fitting, considering that my list here is podcasts I DO listen to, not podcasts I don’t.

So without further ado, my podcast list:

  • Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase – Betty is a flight attendant for a major airline and tells stories of passengers and travels, and the tales of pilots and other flight attendants she meets.  Pretty funny stuff.
  • Brass Needles – Knitting, Sci-Fi and Steampunk.  I <3 Miss Kalendar.
  • Cast On – with Brenda Dayne – Brenda could read a phonebook and I would listen – her voice is mellifluous and absolutely fun to listen to – in addition, she has great stories and knitting tales.  Plus, she’s a podcaster from way back, and she knows her stuff. Brenda’s originally from the Pacific Northwest, I think, but she’s been living in Wales for the last 10 years, and she has great music and stories on her podcast.
  • CogKNITive Podcast – Dr. Gemma is a Cognitive psychologist in California – she talks knitting, spinning and other crafty goodness, and delves into her field to give us great life strategies to chew on.  She also has Something she Really Likes in every podcast, and great anecdotes to tell about the things she likes.
  • CraftLit with Heather Ordover.  She talks crafty, and also talks about and reads a story in chapters and discusses each chapter – she’s a writer and literary professor, so her discussion is always really interesting.  Right now we’re in the midst of Flatland.
  • Gives Good Knit – By Tika – this one is a rare treat, in that this podcaster updates infrequently, but when she does, she’s great to listen to – knitterly, spinnerly, readerly goodness – she’s based in CA.
  • Here’s To Ewe – With MaddieHatter and RedQueen, and occasionally Echo – These two started this cast to talk about their projects – one is doing the TKGA Master Knitter Program, the other is doing the CYCA Instructor Training, and Echo is a hand-dyer, and they talk about these programs, knitting and their lives as costumers in big Vegas Shows – very entertaining and funny, and the Drunk in Public stories are hilarious!
  • I Love Movies – Doug Benson and guests discuss movies in front of a live audience – this comes out roughly weekly.  Quite funny, if you like Doug Benson.  (I like Doug Benson.)
  • It’s a Purl, Man – Guido “Two Skeins” Stein talks knitting from a male perspective.  Guido appears to be either on a break or podfading.  I’m not sure which.  He’s from Boston.
  • It’s Spelled P.U.R.L. – This is a new one I recently picked up.  Will have to let you know how I like it.
  • KIPing It Real – Jackie from St. Louis, MO (I think) – she’s got great segments and talks a lot about her knitting and her pups – really fun listening, and Jackie is very upbeat.
  • Knit Misadventures – This is also a new to me podcast  – I like the speaker’s voice, for sure.  She’s talking about socks these days, so that’s been fun to listen to.
  • Knit Naturally – This one’s by Dawn, of the Rockstars – fantastic knitting content with a wonderful Texas twang, and talking about the life and times here in Dallas.  Occasionally there’ll be an interview, and she loves talking to knitters about knitting, so there are some great stories to be had.
  • Knitajourney – Susan Dolph – this is a fun cast – she talks about her own knitting and also short stories about other knitters – she also intersperses her podcasts with interview podcasts, and they have a great ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ feel, so to speak. She asks the other pocasters the same questions, and their answers are so wonderfully varied, they’re really interesting to hear.)  Susan is from Minnesota or somewhere, but she doesn’t have a thick ‘Midwestern’ accent like some Minnesotans/Wisconsans/Iowans (Not that other places don’t have accents, but the ‘Midwestern’  accent is easier to place, I think.)
  • KnitCents – This is a new podcast that talks about knitting and cost management, both in hobby and in life.  She’s only 3 episodes in, but she is well-researched and has been interesting thus far. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Knitmore Girls – Jasmin and Gigi – This is a mother-daughter knitting podcast – really entertaining segments, like Mother Knows Best, Bring it!, Straw into Gold (spinning), and When Knitting Attacks.  They’re sponsored by Purlescence yarns, so there is some ‘advertising’, but it’s minimal and certainly not jarring.  They’re based in San Jose, CA.
  • Knitting in the Round – Haven’t listened to a single episode yet.  I’ll get back to you.
  • Knitting Rose – a Texas knitter from the D/FW area, and a ROCKSTAR – she talks knitting and life and she and her husband, The Big Texan (an occasional guest) are a hoot!
  • Limenviolet – Knitting, spinning and life.  Violet recently relocated to North Carolina from … Nebraska?  Or maybe Iowa, but Lime still lives there, and they podcast via Skype – generally funny, with segments like What are You Knitting? and Yarn Porn.  This show can get on the raunchy side.  Just sayin’.  There are a lot of ‘in jokes’, because LnV are long-time friends, so you’ll get some of that, but it’s not obtrusive, and most of the time they explain them, so everyone gets in on the joke.
  • Never Not Knitting – by a designer – really interesting design insights, and discussion of latest projects.  ETA: I had her name wrong.  Chrissy(sp?) Does The Manic Purl.  The podcaster on NNK is actually Alana. 
  • purl Diving – I think this one is podfaded – no new casts since 2008 :(
  • Radio Free Burrito – Wil Wheaton.  Need I say more?  He’s a hoot, interesting stories, weird music and Mr. Wheaton being  a geek.  We likes it.
  • Ready Set Knit – Kathy & Steve Elkins – owners of Webs, America’s Yarn Store in MA – they talk about knitting, running a yarn store, and often cover new closeout yarns available at their store.  I’d like to make it there one day to meet them.  The podcast has 2 parts – the first where they talk about the store, and the 2nd, which Kathy does with Pixie, is a knitalong.  I don’t participate in the KAL as a rule, but it’s interesting to hear them describe the knitting process.
  • SModcast – Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.  Need I say more?  It’s very funny, but also very dirty.  Explicit language and subject matter.
  • Stash and Burn – Nicole & Jenny – this one is also out of CA – they talk about yarn, stashing, knitting, and stash management.  Also weaving, and spinning.
  • Sticks & String – David Reidy – from New Zealand.  He’s been on a break for a while. I hope he comes back soon, though – lovely voice on that one.
  • Stitch It!! – Meghan – I just love Meghan, she’s a hoot.  She talks about knitting and spinning, and also homesteading, but with an interesting twist – Meghan and her family live in a townhome, and she calls it Townhomesteading.  She discusses various ways she and her husband are getting ‘back to nature’ as it were, growing a garden and making more things from scratch.  She has a ‘favorite thing’ every week, like Dr. Gemma, and her podcast always has interesting stories about these things and why they’re her favorites.
  • Stop Podcasting Yourself – A comedy-based podcast out of … Vancouver? with funny stories and discussions.  Not explicit, but not for kids.
  • The 10th Wonder Heroes Podcast – About Heroes.  Crazy.
  • The Anatomy of Knitting – Haven’t listened yet – just downloaded last night
  • The High Fiber Diet – with Coggie – this one is also in the Midwest and I don’t recall where – Michigan, maybe?  – she’s doing a KAL right now that I might join in on (the jury is still out), but she talks a lot about fitting garments correctly and fitting to flatter plus sizes.  I’m all over that. Also she’s really funny and very interesting.
  • The Knitting Show – With Dierdre and Peter – Peter lives in Wisconsin(?), Dierdre lives in CA, and they’re a brother and sister, and they talk about their knitting adventures together over Skype.  This one is pretty new, and I’m still getting used to it.  Peter seems to be a pretty new knitter, so it’s fun to listen to his stories of learning the process.  They’re 2 of something like 12 kids, so hearing the little anecdotes of living in such a huge family is interesting too.
  • The Manic Purl – ETA: This is the one ChrissytheGreat does – Canada – also Vancouver, I think. – she talks work and knitting and the various projects that make it onto her needles.
  • The Sassy Sheep – new to me.
  • Unhinged Knitter – also new to me
  • Yarn Thing: Crochet & Knitting – yet again also new to me.

So anyway there’s the list – enjoy!

ETA: ZOMG FAMOUS PEOPLE are commenting!

2nd Edit – I’ve edited and updated, but apparently my edits aren’t ‘taking’.

17 Responses to “Hijinxy Podcastery”

  1. Manda said

    You should check out Electric Sheep! all my other favorite are already on your list. Heheh. :)

  2. Jasmin said

    Agree on Electric Sheep- and thanks for the kind words!

  3. Heather Ordover said

    Wow!!! I’m in AWESOME company!!
    Okay, just kidding.
    But seriously, hekuvva list, Knotty!

  4. Hey Thanks for listening! But Im Alana! not “Chrissy The Great”. She hosts the Manic Purl podcast.. easy mistake.. we are both younger and blonde. :)

  5. Jackie said

    That’s quite the comprehensive list!!! You covered all my favorites and gave me tons more to add. :) Thanks for the plug too, glad you’re enjoying the show!

  6. […] And I forgot to say: I found an amazing blog post with a spectacular list of podcasts! (Yeah, we’re on there too, but there are new ones […]

    • DebbieN said

      Thanks Heather for putting us on to this blog post – really helpful as I need more podcasts to listen to!

      Thanks Knotty for putting them together. I’m going to try a few new ones from the list as you have many that I also listen to.

      Also agree with the others about Electric Sheep (only recently found it myself).

      Have you tried QN Podcast (formerly Quirky Nomads)? I would highly recommend a listen – no crafting but intelligent, educational and very entertaining.

  7. Renee said

    I’d like to suggest Fiberbeat too- very professional, and great interviews!

  8. Gigi said

    I can wait to try all these new ones. I have been listening to Heather for a year or so and I also LOVE “electric sheep”. Thank you thank you. Gigi in Ohio…..

  9. ceci said

    Good list. But you missed another one that I just discovered via Jasmin and Gigi andit is quickly becoming one of my very favorites. The Savvy Girls. They are hilarious. I’ve listened to 14 of their 16 episodes in the past 5 days. Really fun.

    Thanks for compiling the list.

    Ceci in Minnesota (and we don’t have an accent in the Midwest.)

  10. Thanks, what a fantastic list, I need run and update my iPod!

    And thanks to those who’ve also mentioned Electric Sheep – too kind.

  11. Roue said

    I’m so excited to make it on this list along with so many awesome podcasters!! Thanks for the plug! There are a few shows on your list that I haven’t heard, but might need to add to the podroll!

  12. JeaninMaine said

    Great list. I will check some of these out. A couple of my favorites are “Knit Science” and “Knit Picks Podcast” and the video podcast “Letsknit2gether.”

  13. WonderMike said

    Great list, but I didn’t see the following:

    Hoxton Handmade, InsubordiKnit, Knitmore Girls, or Let’s Knit Together.

    Podcasts that are not knitting related that I can’t live without are:
    Radiolab, This American Life & The Moth.

    Oh, and I hope you have a chance to listen to Fiber Beat at some point in the future. ;-)

    Take care,

  14. […] And I forgot to say: I found an amazing blog post with a spectacular list of podcasts! (Yeah, we’re on there too, but there are new ones […]

  15. […] And I forgot to say: I found an amazing blog post with a spectacular list of podcasts! (Yeah, we’re on there too, but there are new ones […]

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