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Project Retrospective: Apres Surf Hoodie (or: How I finished my latest project on the last day of the year)

Posted by Miss Knotty on December 31, 2009

I finished my Apres Surf Hoodie (Summer 2008 Interweave Knits) today.  I really wanted to finish it this year, and I did it.  I started it in April 2009.

Yarn: Baby Cashmere in Cedar

Needles US 3 and US 2 Addi Turbos.

Mods:  I did a 4-stitch I-cord for the i-cord BO around the neck and hood because I wanted a rounder cord around the neck, and I think 4-stitch i-cord is a little “prettier” than 3 stitch i-cord, inasmuch as i-cord is pretty.  It’s strictly a matter of personal preference, and probably nobody will ever notice but me, but there you are.  I did 3-st i-cord BO for the sleeve and bottom of the sweater (the pattern directions didn’t specify any preference relating to i-cord depth, so I imagine hope Connie Chang Chinchio isn’t going to call the knitting police because I modified her pattern.) I also tacked the neckbands together at the front bottom, so they wouldn’t gap all about.    Any other mods were likely unintentional or else were “fudged” corrections to aforementioned unintentional mods.  I don’t have a modeled shot, because it’s in the bathroom drying from its obligatory wash.  I cannot wait to put it on, though.  it’s going to be FABULOUS.  I’m also gratified to hear that Dallas is expecting another cold front, which means that I’ll have more opportunities to wear it this winter season.
In progress:
Ongoing Apres Surf Hoodie
In Pieces: (I steam blocked everything to be the same size/shape before I sewed together. )
Sweater Pieces

Sewn up, but no sleeves yet:

Sweater Front

Now, I don’t want to brag (much), but I think the seams turned out great – the patterning matches up, more or less, and the seam disappears into the garment.

Sweater Side (see the seam)


Pattern of sweater and feet

I don’t know how this happens, but I seem to frequently end up with photos that have my feet in them.  Happened with my Noro Striped Scarf too.  Not that I have icky feet – they just turn up in pictures more than I plan.  (I don’t mean the ones where I’m shooting my feet on purpose, of course.)

Sweater Drying with mirror

I stacked some towels inside the hood to give it some shape while it’s drying.  It’s a bit deeper than I anticipated, but I think it’ll be more decorative than used, so I’m okay with it.

Apres Surf Drying

I shot this photo with Flash, and I almost didn’t post it, but I love seeing the sweater in the mirror.  Plus the flash popped off the mirror and did an interesting ‘sunlight’ type effect, which, I’m sure real photographers will tell me that that’s a Bad Thing in photography, but I think it looks neat.  Also, please don’t mind my raggedy old towel. It’s raggedy. Raggedy Happens.

So I suppose I need to figure out unveil what’s going to be the Next Big Project for 2010.  For right now, I have 1 thing on needles.  One single little thing (and I’m thinking about ripping it back and restarting).  It’s the beginning of a pair of fingerless mitts using the cable pattern from Star Athena’s Freshman Cables Socks in the fall 2009 Knitscene, but I’ve already borked the pattern, so I’m going to need to rip back anyway and restart, so I think I’m going to make some frankenmitts using the fingers from Knitty’s runaway favorite Knucks, and then do the cable pattern starting on the back of the hand and then proceeding up the wrist.  Since I just knit a whole lace sweater, I’ll probably be off the lace kick for a bit, but I’m thinking some well-timed knitting with big needles and big yarn might be in order, or perhaps a bit of colorwork.  Maybe I’ll knit some socks; Mr. Man gifted me some great yarns and patterns for Christmas…. So I suppose the answer is we’ll see.


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