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Posted by Miss Knotty on December 7, 2009

I baked and candied yesterday to make gifty goodness for the folks I’m not ‘buying’ gifts for (I bought the foodstuffs for the candy, so technically I did buy them a gift, I just had to assemble it before gifting, but apparently handmade gifts are in a different category.  Weird.)

So the Christmas holidays are upon us again.  I can’t believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone, and Christmas is a mere 18 days away.  I have a lot of my Christmas shopping done already, with a couple of exceptions, but I think I might get them wound up tonight (I RAWK!) Plus?  All the stores I’ll be going to are in the same shopping center.  AH HA HAAA!!!  Planning for the Win!

I can’t get Flickr to  behave, so you’ll have to imagine all the candy goodness, and the finished sleevery of the first degree for Apres Surf – I’m working on the second sleeve, woot!, and then there’ll be finishing shenanigans (can you STAND IT?!), but one thing at a time?  Given that I’m probably supposed to be working on Christmasy-Whatnot, and I haven’t decorated the house yet, and I’ve become obsessed with Heroes, and it’s World of Warcraft Season again, and Christmas parties and other such to fill up times, it’s been a little sparse in the knitting department.  At least there are some dedicated knitting times coming up and I get to focus on the knitting with my whole mind and not feel guilty that I’m not doing something else with the time, I’m looking very forward to those times.  Buahahahaaaa Selfish Time – Bring it on!


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