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Packing Boxes and Moving. It’s a meat process.

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 26, 2009

My movers come next Thursday (10/29) and I’ll be moving into my new place (woo hoo!) and I am therefore warmly ensconced in the packing of boxes, packing of yarn* and packing of Miscellaneous boxes, and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, and what kind of stuff will go to the new place and where I shall store it , and what I’m going to need for packing, cleaning cleaning cleaning and getting ready to move away from this stupid crappy apartment with nonfunctional dishwasher, Goodwilling old clothes, packing a suitcase for the move-in day** because I’ll be moving in on a work day (I’m taking the morning off so my movers can move me, and then working in the afternoon,) then coming home to my new place, setting up my bed and probably then collapsing into it, then Friday working another half day, coming home to my new place, changing into grubby-grub grubbies and going to my old place and cleaning as if I’ve never cleaned (I’m doing a lot of stuff as I go, though, so it won’t be like I have a million things to do all on one weekend) (including shampooing the carpet – Rug Doctor! Hooooooooooooe!!!) and then going to my new place, cleaning some and unpacking, and getting ready for the next phase of move-in, which is Mr. Man’s move on Saturday. (I’m largely ancillary to Mr. Man’s process, aside from staying out of his way so he and his former roommate can carry stuff upstairs.  Likely I’ll get up and clear out, and go back to the old place, continue to clean and take pictures so that the move-out inspection will be corroborated by my pictures of what it looked like once I cleaned it entirely (and probably a final cursory overview to make sure I’ve gotten everything out of every cabinet and won’t accidentally be leaving anything behind for the new sap tenant. (I loved this apartment until the ownership changed, then everything went down the crapper.  Truly.  Honestly.  It was a great place, until they did away with quiet hours, destroyed the courtyard and put in a stupid dog park, where dogs bark from 6:00 a.m. until MIDNIGHT, and the maintenance people don’t know that broken means “doesn’t perform its stated function”, and not just, “doesn’t turn on”.   What I’m thinking is actually going on is that I’m off my lease in a week, and they don’t want to replace it until they can replace it with stainless steel appliances and upcharge because of the ‘upgrades’ for this apartment.  I have to say that I hope they do rip out the linoleum and put in Pergo flooring, because it would be a major upgrade, and because the vinyl is badly laid-out, the corners don’t match up well, and it just needs it.

Sorry for the info-dump, but my knitting has been curtailed and for some reason I don’t feel as guilty sitting here typing when I’m supposed to be packing boxes as I do when I’m camped out on the couch knitting and watching my soon-to-be-gone cable television (no cable TV in the new place! I’m going to get SO much more knitting done!)

So anyway, that’s the story of my life at the mo’.  I feel like I get boxes upon boxes packed, only to find that I still have more boxes to pack after that.  It’s frustrating, but I know it’ll be worth it once everything is said and done.  We signed our lease yesterday, and looked at our ACTUAL new place. It. is. Awesome.  It faces north-south! It’s on a corner so we only share a wall with ONE NEIGHBOR! And it’s not a wall that touches either bedroom!  (It backs up to my bathroom, the kitchen and the dining area.) YEAH!!!!! This week can’t be over quickly enough. ________________________________________

*Do you just want to completely cast on every yarn in your stash when you’re packing it into boxes, or once you’ve packed it into boxes, do you want to pull some out and cast on, or is that just me?

**I have a method for moving – you pack a suitcase with stuff you’ll need immediately at your new home:  your shower curtain, a towel, toiletries, sheets, something to sleep in, changes of clothes until you anticipate actually getting at your clothes, any important paperwork you’ll need before you unearth your desk paperwork (i.e. Confirmations for new service with electricity providers, high-speed providers, etc. so you’ll have them if your service doesn’t come on as planned, and any other critical necessities.  I almost always have some kind of non-perishable food in there, too, or even a sandwich and packed-lunch (and Chocolate) so I have something to eat without having to eat out. It sounds crazy, but having the small creature comforts available to you when the rest of your life is packed in boxes in the living room really makes it more bearable.

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