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Salutations from Sleeve Island, and other Things That Rock.

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 19, 2009

I FINALLY finished the front of Apres Surf, and started on a sleeve.  I’m super excited about this prospect, owing in part to the fact that sleeves should go faster than the body, because of the shorter-row-ness of it.   I got the 6″ stockinette cuff done and did one row of patterning last night, whilst watching another show I’ve become hooked on, the Next Food Network Star, and Iron Chef America.  I’m going to miss The Food Network (and the Discovery Channel, and History, and SciFi Channel (I do not recognize the name change.), and Cartoon Network…) although I suspect that my TV viewing will be substantially curtailed at the fact that I no longer have all of these channels. 

In other news, Mr. Man and I went to Best Buy (on the recommendation of the guy at the AT&T Store) to see if I could get the new phone I liked for free.  I couldn’t, so I still have my old phone.  It’s okay, though.  My old phone is a good old phone, and I still love it. The new phone I was lusting after is a Smart Phone (I think), and I take exception to having to pay for a service I likely will not use.  I use my phone as a phone, and a texting device, and that’s really it.  I don’t do e-mail or surf the web or use it as a GPS or anything like that, so having to pay an extra $20 a month for that puts me off of getting a new phone, however spiffy the new phone might be.  Still, though, while we were there, we looked at TVs (Best Buy has some FANTASTIC TV deals), and happened to spot a new Wii game that looked super fun – Wii Sports Resort.   It has something called a WiiMotionPlus that you click onto the controller that lets you do more with the controller.  So naturally, we ‘tested’ the game with a game of Ping Pong and a sword fight.  ZOMG so much fun.  We’re probably going to pick that up closer to Christmas time and get ourselves a battery charger thingy for the WiiMotes, because those little buggers SUCK batteries!  But I digress. 

So we looked at all those things, picked out what we want for like the next 4 Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary-type gifts and spent like a gorzillion dollars in our heads, and then we left, having bought nothing.   No sense in buying stuff just to move it in 2 weeks, and I’ve already packed the Wii.  (I know!)  Only because it represented a fantastic option for shirking the box-packing process.   So I boxed it up and packed it.  Now my only shirking options are the Internet, knitting, and TV.  (“Only options”.  Feh.  As if I’m not COMPLETELY shirking with just those 3.)   Besides that, I baked Chocolate Chip and Heath Bar cookies, made a pot roast, sorted my filing and boxed up the bottom drawer of my Elfa desk.  

Moving is sometimes a waiting game.  I’m making myself wait to pack more stuff, because if I pack everything 2 weeks out, I’ll be living out of boxes and I kind of hate that.  But if I don’t get on the packing bandwagon soon, I’m going to be packing up to the minute the movers arrive, and I don’t want that either.  It’s a delicate balance. 

All that to say that my weekend was action packed, but… well, it wasn’t.  It was actually a pretty dull weekend.  But I got a lot done.  Except for what I didn’t get done.  Oh! and we ate Greek food – it was Mr. Man’s first Greek food aside from Gyros out at Faire, which may or may not count, depending on how loosely you define ‘Greek’.  He seemed to really enjoy it, so we’ll probably be going back to Zorba’s again.  Tasty Tasty!


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