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Wherein the Knitter has…. Well, not really much new to share, actually.

Posted by Miss Knotty on October 7, 2009

I’m moving at the end of this month, which is very exciting for me, as I’ve come to really hate the apartment where I live now, owing entirely to the new management company that bought the complex, and the fact that they’re such a downgrade from the management company who was here.  I loved those folks, and the new maintenance people apparently don’t know that when a dishwasher is broken, it means that it DOESN’T GET DISHES CLEAN, not that it doesn’t turn on.  They come in, turn it on, and deem it NOT BROKEN.  My friends have heard this tale before, so I’ll leave it be here, but ZOMG. Kill.  I’m so freaking sick and tired of explaining how the water doesn’t get to the top rack and everything that goes in comes out just as dirty.  It just makes me livid.  The apartment managers would not put up with this in their own homes, why in the WORLD is it a different standard when it’s a rental?  Gar.  Kill.

I’m completely taken in by Dancing With the Stars.  It’s become a Monday-Tuesday Ritual.  I wish I had TiVo so I could tape it, fast-forward through all the filler crap in the show (of which there is MUCH), and just watch the dancing. That’s what I’m there for, not the commercials, not the color commentary, and not the ridiculous judges.  I could skip the results show all the way to the last 5 minutes and not miss a thing.  I’m thrilled to pieces that all of my favorites (except Tom DeLay) are still in, and I hope Mr. DeLay’s feet feel better.  2 fractured feet.  Frak that.  I’m not at all surprised at the people who have been eliminated, as, well, they just can’t dance (or they have bad attitudes.  D e b 1  M 4 z 4 r*, I’m looking straight at you.  My money is on M3l155a Jo4n H4r7** to be eliminated next, because she seems to really struggle with nervousness and lack of rhythm, plus?  I never liked Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – it was a stupid show.  There. I said it.  I’m hoping K311ie 05b0urn3*** will really practice and forget about the self-doubt.  I really relate to her for some reason (not the my-dad’s-an-aging-rock-star-and-I’m-(sorta)-famous too, or the I’m-so-rich-I’ll-never-actually-have-to-work bits), I like her.  I thought she was going to be a train wreck, and she’s my favorite of the show.  Weird, huh?  But enough about that. Any DWTS fans?

I’m just almost finished with the front of my Apres-Surf Hoodie, then I’m on to Sleeve Island, and I’ll be ready to start partial-blocking, seaming and knitting the hood – Woot!  This sweater WILL be finished in time to wear during cold weather this year.  It WILL!  Or my name’s not… Oh nevermind.  It will be.

The Monkeys continue apace – I’m into the last motif on the 2nd sock, then I have to decrease for the toe, Kitchener and weave in ends, and finis!  For my next trick pair, I’ll be making the Sunday Swing socks, from Knitty, with some KnitPicks Gloss Sock yarn, in Carbon– er, it used to be called Carbon, now I guess it’s just ‘Black’.  I liked the name ‘Carbon’ better.  Yeah, it’s not as succinct, but it has a poetic ring to it.  Maybe it’s just me.  They are also for the maternal unit, who seems to really love hand knit socks.  So much that she wears them to holes, has me darn them, and continues wearing them. But it’s good, you know?  I love that she wears her socks down to nubbins, and appreciates my knit work, too (and, according to her, has been ‘ruined for store-bought socks’).   I gave a pair of socks to Mema (Jaywalkers), that I knit and I couldn’t get over my feet****, and they fit her PERFECTLY.  Awesome. And bonus?  She completely loved them.  Like, LOVED them.  Which rocks even harder – yahoo for folks who like my handknit socks.

I started Aeolian with my black diamond copper lined 8/0 square hole seed beads and my Lana D’Oro Chocolate brown laceweight yarn, and got a few repeats into the yucca pattern when I realized that a) my work is already getting heavy and I’m not even 20% into the project yet, and b) my beads are not going to be adequate to the task – well, the number of beads anyway.  So I went a-huntin’ and found ALMOST matching beads.  The difference?  The originals were square-hole, and the new are round-hole.  A beading aficionado-friend of mine told me that this DOES make a difference, because the square hole act more like a cut, faceted bead and the round hole ones give more of an all-over shimmer.  This has me a wee-bit paranoid and I’m thinking of going hunting again for the exact matching bead. (Actually, maybe ix-nay on that.  I went hunting for an hour just now and found nary a site that offered specifically what I was looking for.  Even finding an 8/0 copper lined black diamond bead was a struggle, much less one with a square hole.)  I may eventually just throw up my hands and knit with what I have already, but seriously?  I’m thinking very seriously of swatching with round- and square- hole beads and deciding once and for all whether it’s important enough for me to go find the exact-match beads before I start hunting again.  After all, now I have something like 2800 8/0 black diamond copper lined seed beads.  I’m so weird, to be obsessing over something like this. Or am I?   Well, I’ll swatch. We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll be a good little Bloggerina and post pictures so you can all see too.

*Sorry ’bout the leetspeak there, I just don’t want to be botted by fandroids of that actor.

**her either.

***…or her. Plus?  It entertains me to write in l337sp34k. Nerdery, I has a bad case.

**** There’s a story here:  I knit them with Sz 1 needles, the yarn (Lion Magic Stripes) was already dense when I knit them and it grew in the wash, making them very sturdy-like.  I couldn’t get them past my heel without REALLY straining stitches (and myself), and I had to just cop to the fact that they don’t fit my feet – I knit them too tightly (for me).  Knowing what I know now, I could knit them with a larger needle and probably not have any problems (and it’s not like I don’t have any more sock yarn.). But I’m not one to knit the same pattern over and over.  Not when I have a whole 3″ 3-ring binder just dedicated to sock patterns.  Heck no. So there you are.


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