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More Cabinet Goodness

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 27, 2009

So, I had a pretty mellow and groovy weekend, and I’ll fill in more detail later tonight.  Several people have mentioned how they would like to see the yarn cabinet all full up, and don’t want to go over to my flickr (or don’t know how), so here are the full-up pics, for your viewing enjoyment:

With Doors Closed:
Cabinet, Doors Closed

With Doors Open: (Cue angel chorus)
Cabinet, Doors Open

The door/drawer hardware:
Door handles and drawer pulls

Still love it, love opening it, love looking at it.  It’s in my bedroom, as there was not a suitable wall to place it against in my living room. (Darn that chair rail!)  But there are upsides to this – I had to clean my room and rearrange furniture to get it in here, which included moving the bed and desk, and naturally, I vacuumed once I had moved them, so my room is much cleaner than it was, even though the bed is back in its original position (long story). Plus, my yarn is right there, so I can look at my stash and Ravelry, and then my stash again, and make sure the yarn is catalogued, and match up patterns and yarns easy peasy.  Well, that’s the idea anyway. 

The drawers are deceptive.  They don’t look big, but there’s room in there to spare for my doodads.  Love. Just love.

One more thing:  This is most of my yarn.  I didn’t put in the acrylic stuff – it’s in a bin under my bed.  Not because I don’t like acrylic – it’s good for some purposes – but I wanted to leave a little room on the shelves, and stuffing it absolutely full would make it hard to see it all, so it’s not totally and entirely full up.

Also?  The 2nd shelf from the top is my sock yarn.  There’s nothing on that shelf but sock yarn.  Isn’t that cool?!

Oh, and one last thing:

Happy Birthday Mr. Older Brother!  Hope it’s a great one!


2 Responses to “More Cabinet Goodness”

  1. jack Shore said

    Where did you get thsi storage cabinet… I indeed want to get one for my wife …


    • My darling DangerLad (significant other) built it for me. I’ll give him your e-mail address and you can discuss the possibility of him building you one for your wife.

      My best,
      Miss Knotty

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