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My Favorite Things: Summer Edition

Posted by Miss Knotty on July 15, 2009

I know, there wasn’t really a winter edition or a fall or spring edition, for that matter, but I have some favorite things, and I think you should know about them.  Because I’m self-important, you see.

Anyway, yeah.  I have some favorite things:

My new yarn cabinet.  Mr. Man built it for me with his own hands, out of wood materials that were unusable for pieces at his work, thus decreasing the waste produced by the shop. It’s a green(ish) cabinet. I love it. Also, it has glass doors and will seal airtight once the doors are on, which will be tomorrow (hopefully) – Mr. Man belatedly realized that it’s going to sit on carpet and will require some levering on the front so that it doesn’t fall forward once it’s full of yarn and the doors are on – the doors are weighty, I must add. (Sorry to be boastful, but he just brought it over today and I’m in a fever to load it, but he cautioned me not to do it, and if all I can do is talk about it, then I’m going to use the most flowery and complimentary language at my disposal.). I lurve it.
New Cabinet 2 7.15.09

The glass on the floor in front of the cabinet (in the picture above) are the shelves – it has four tempered glass shelves, which, Mr. Man tells me, are heavier than the whole wood part of the cabinet. Wow. Sturdiness! We likes it.  The shelves are also waiting for him to do the leveling thing so that they don’t fall out and kill me dead once they’re installed. (Heaven forfend!– hey, flowery language.  I warned you.)  The little drawers (aren’t they cute?!) are for all my knitty doodads – needles, notions, chibis, crochet hooks, measuring tapes, whatever – this cabinet is a one-stop shop of knitting creativity! Have I mentioned I love it yet?  Because I love it.  Completely. Love. It. It’s stained with a dark finish and finished with polyurethane, but it’s not shiny, which I find to be awesome.  I also really like the subtle drawer pulls and door handles.

Cabinet Doors

Another Favorite Thing?



I really like light rum in drinks – my fave adult beverage this summer has been the Mojito (usually as made by someone else – I don’t seem to have ‘the touch’ ).  I don’t know that this is my favorite light rum, but it works for my various nefarious purposes.


Black Cherry Kool-Aid

I know, I know. Kool-Aid is a kid drink. Kool-Aid is loaded with sugar. Kool-Aid Kool-Aid blah blah blah.  Whatever. I love it. It’s much better than soda pop, in my opinion.  My favorite flavor is Black Cherry, and It. Is. Delish.

The key to good Kool-Aid is to follow the package instructions. You have to put in the mix and the sugar first, then fill the water up to 2 quarts, not the other way around.  You don’t want 2 full quarts of water, or it’s all watery.  I make it in my pyrex bowl then dump it in this container, because it’s too hard to mix in this container.  Sugar doesn’t like to dissolve in cold water. But you probably all knew that, you clever beasts.

Blockbuster Online!

I don’t have a picture of Blockbuster Online, but in this season of tight budgetry, this little service has been my boon companion these many weeks.  I’m having a minor freakout tonight because I thought I received 2 discs today and it appears that I’ve only received 1.  I’ll have to check my mail tomorrow to see if anything turns up.   Maybe my brain is playing games with me.  The site says the other disc is set to arrive tomorrow anyway so hopefully it will. It irks me though; I would SWEAR I got 2 discs today, but I’ve gone through all my mail several times, walked back over to the mailbox, gone through my car, and maybe said a swear word or 2 trying to find the stupid thing, but I’m beginning to think that it’s just. not. here. So if you see a DVD with my name and address on it, please drop it in a mailbox so it’ll get to me.  It’s really kinda worrying me. Maybe it was a Valpak and not the other disc I thought I saw. I hope so.

My snowcone maker:

Ice Shaver

I LOVE my snowcone maker/ice shaver.  This little workhorse has been my BFF for years. I just love it.  I got it at Target some years ago and it set me back the painful total of about $20. Yeah, 20 bucks. For wonderful summer satisfaction. For years.  I love you Rival Ice Shaver.  Please never die. Please?

Finally, for a more grown-up finish:

Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee

I first heard about cold brewed coffee on the Stitch It!! Podcast, episode 72, and waffled around about actually doing this for a while, but when she mentioned it again in episode 73, I really started thinking about it and how great it would be to have a reduced-acid coffee and a good coffee concentrate for making iced coffee (which is super awesome in iced coffee beverages which include adult …. additives… and shaved ice.  It’s like a Frappucino you’d get carded to buy), which cold-brew TOTALLY is.  It’s also super tasty served hot, and also also super tasty mixed in with liqueur (I might have alluded to this already… heh.).  My faves for coffee are Amaretto (I like Amaretto di Amore) and Frangelico, a hazelnut liqueur.  Mmmmm Adult Coffee.

It has less caffeine than hot-brewed coffee, but it still contains some, so I can actually become caffeinated when I drink it, which is a necessary.  Another favorite thing?  This little container I found at Hobby Lobby, which I use to store my coffee concentrate in the fridge. Love this container. It’s kinda  mad-scientist-y and kinda steampunk-y; the big ole cork, the vacuum it creates when I put the cork in, how well it stores my coffee concentrate… I could go on, but I won’t.

So anyway, that’s my Favorite things, Summer Edition.  What are your favorite things this Summer?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

For those of you who come for the knitting, sorry about the lack of knitty content.  My knitting time has been taken completely up with Farm Town on Facebook.  Stupid addictive games. Gar. I have knit a precious little on my Apres Surf hoodie, but I’m almost done with the back. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to do a sleeve or the front next, and on my second black-and-pink sock – second sock syndrome – I’m showing symptoms. Le Sigh. There are some progress pics on Flickr from a while back, so you’re welcome to look over there.

One Response to “My Favorite Things: Summer Edition”

  1. Ronda said

    OH that is a cool cabinet! One of my grandfathers was a cbinet maker, the other did woodworking as a hobby, so I’ve seen me some hand made furniture in my day 9 and I won some that both grandfathers made) and i can tell you… Mr. man did an awesome job!
    I can’t wait to see it all put together and loaded up with yarn!

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