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My Fountain Pen – she is finished!

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 30, 2009

I think this is probably record time for a big-ish project, at least for me – I finished the Fountain Pen shawl in just a little under 3 months.  And did I mention big?  I think the thing is near 8′ across the top, and almost 4′ from the center back to the bottom point.

Can I just say that the magic of blocking lace is a magical, magical thing. Check it:

Before blocking, but off the needles:
off needles!!

On the blocking boards, all pinned out:
Trying to get whole shawl in pic - fail

Isn’t that AMAZING?! You don’t know what you’re looking at,what you’re working on until you block it, and it’s like ~Poof!~ I’m all beautiful and stuff! You made a beautiful thing and not a lumpy pool of lumpiness!

The boards it’s blocking on are 2 sq ft., and it’s pinned across 4 blocks at the top, so ~8′, and it’s pinned down 2 blocks, so that’s 4′ – it’s a little shy of those measurements, obvy, but it’ll still be pretty big once it’s off the boards.  Add to that that I’m only 5’4, and 5’6 in my Tall Shoes, and that makes it a pretty good sized wrap, and it’ll be all lightweight and floaty and GORGEOUS! I can’t wait.  Can’t. Wait. Just can’t wait. I might get up early in the morning and unpin it so I can take it to work and show it off…. We’ll see. (And good time, too, because the office has been FREAKING FREEZING this week!  I’m also taking some fingerless mitts for the comfyness – my fingers froze today!  Imagine! A knitter who’s cold! I can’t imagine the horror. Truly.) Anyway, so that’s my life so far.


3 Responses to “My Fountain Pen – she is finished!”

  1. Eunice said

    Beautiful shawl! Would love to see it modeled.

  2. Chris said

    It is gorgeous! I am ready to block my Crocus Pocus. Just need to find time.

  3. Meg Wesley said

    I love the shawl. It is amazing to see the unblocked piece of lace next to the blocked piece. It always looks so magical.

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