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Gifty-type wish list: In which the knitter gets greedy beyond your average, daily, regular greed.

Posted by Miss Knotty on June 17, 2009

People (okay, PERSON) have(has) been asking me for a wish list for my birthday coming up (in August – hooray for planning!), So I thought I’d regale you with some stuff I think is awesome but I would likely not buy for myself (for a couple of reasons – one, I’m in ‘Survival Mode’ in this rough economy, and two, I probably have something just like that works fine, and I feel guilty buying duplicates just because I like the 2nd one). 

These are commonly known as Gift Ideas for the Knitter’s Significant Other Who is Savvy About Knitting But Doesn’t Know What To Buy For The Knitter’s Birthday (GIftKSOWiSAKBDKWTBFTKB). (Dude. I crack myself up sometimes. Nerdery, I has it.) It could also double as a Gift Ideas for the Family of a Knitter (GIftFoaK) (- that’s much better, isn’t it?)

I would LOVE:

Pairs of Knit Picks Options Harmony wood circular needle tips in sizes US 5-8  (3.75mm-5.00mm) – I already have the interchangeable cables, but I’d love some wood tips.  Lace knits better on wood, I’ve found (particularly when the fiber is wool or alpaca – SLIPPERY!).

Knit Picks Harmony DPNs in sizes US 0 (2.0mm), US 1 (2.25mm), US 1.5 (2.50mm), and US 2.5(3.00mm), and US3(3.25mm) (I have a set of 2s (2.5mm) and they’re my go-to DPNs for socks, if the yarn is the right weight.  Alas I like knitting with finer stuff, and while I do have some wonderful DPNs in these sizes, I really really like the Harmony ones.  They’re so smooth, and warm, and pretty, and I want them.  I don’t need them, I want them.  I’ll cop to it.  It’s total needle lust.) They have a set, too.   Just sayin’.

A cupholder for my Loandrum , preferably in the slotted variety.

Sit & Spin, a spinning DVD from insubordinknit.

There are others, but that’s what I really like that I can think of right now. Besides, I’m at work, at lunch, and I have to get back to work now. 

So I’ll leave you with a pic of my current project, the Fountain Pen Shawl from the Spring 2009 Interweave Knits:
Fountain Pen Shawl Progress so far
and a motif detail:
Stitch Detail - Fountain pen Shawl

Have a great afternoon!


One Response to “Gifty-type wish list: In which the knitter gets greedy beyond your average, daily, regular greed.”

  1. Maya said

    Your fountain pen shawl is GORGEOUS!!!

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