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ZOMG! An update that isn’t a meme!!

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 29, 2009

Alert the Media, would you?

So, I’m knitting a sweater with the Dallas Hand Knitter’s Guild, as a yer-long project (and to improve my mad skillz, yo.)

I’ve reached an important juncture (because I decided that it was important), and I put the garment on a piece of mercerized cotton and tried it on.  Check it:
Sweater Try-On 1 28 09 (2)
Not bad, eh?  So I think I have about 4-6″ left of the body to go, because I want it to just graze the top of my hip, and not actually sit on my hips (because the hips?  They are big.  And having garments draping over them is, shall we say… not so flattering. Non.)  So I need to have someone measure and tell me, so that I don’t overshoot the mark.  Fortunately, I have Craft Circle of Doom ™ tomorrow night, and there’s a guy there that used to be a wedding-gown couturier, and I’ll be able to get some solid advice from the whole crowd there about fit and flattery on my not-insubstantial person.  Even so, I think it looks pretty nice thus far.  It’ll look better (of course), once I finish knitting down the sleeves and have a whole sweater, and not a short-sleeved, raglan-increased bolero.  But even in its current state, it’s still a pretty good looking project.  I’m feeling renewed enthusiasm over it, now that I’ve seen it on my body; it’s like I can visualize the finished piece, and it’s gonna look GOOD.  Which is awesome.

Approximate Location of Waist

So here is a pic showing the approximate location of my waist.  I chose the undershirt unwisely, and would have been better served by putting on something that would contrast with the sweater, but oh well.  It was what I had on, so it was what I shot the pic in.  All that said, the white line is an approximation of where my high hip is, and that’s roughly where I want the cardi to stop, at my high hip.  Owing to the location of the color change (which was intentional), it’s already going to look like an empire waistline, which is cool, and I could probably stand to emphasize that effect, as I think it will be pretty flattering.  However, the buttonholes only go down to the black, but not beyond, so it may do that by following my figure, all on its own, without any extra work on my part.  Just to remind, the yarn is Crystal Palace Creme, in denim blue and charcoal black, a 50/50 wool/silk blend that feels as good as it looks, and it has fantastic drape and just the littlest bit of shine, which is pretty cool, and I like it.

Okay, well, it’s late and I have work tomorrow, so I’d best be calling it a night. Happy Ice Day, north Dallas!  We’re back into the grind tomorrow. (WEE!)


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