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Wherein the blogger has very little of interest to say. But says it anyway.

Posted by Miss Knotty on January 11, 2009

I am a reader and fangirl of WendyKnits.  I lurve her, and her cat, and read  her very often.  Probably too often, but whatevs.  In any case, she issued a blanket-tag for the 5 Things Meme, and, being the joiner and pseudo Wendy-stalker I am*, I’m joining in. Plus, I have NO interesting content of late to anyone who doesn’t play World of Warcraft**, (I am ashamed.) and so I’m trying to fill the void with something, as I know that you, my dear reader are pining for insight into the life of me.  (Yeah.  Because you wait on tenterhooks for my every word.  Right. \end sarcasm)

And so here goes.

5 things in my bag: (for interest sake, I’m going to assume that the bag they mean here is my purse.  My knitting bag contains knitting.)

  1. My wallet
  2. Terlingua, TX emery board
  3. at least 3 lipstick options (yeah, I’m weird about the lipstick.  You wouldn’t believe it if you met me, but I carry around a veritable arsenal of lip products in my purse, that I rarely remember to apply.  So sad.)
  4. Datebook (I still carry a paper datebook, and it’s the BEST ONE EVER – it has 1 week per page, so I can see 2 weeks at a time.  Best time management tool I’ve found to date.  I got mine from  Worth every penny.  Instead of buying any of the little covers, though, I just bought the refill – it’s plain, but it works.  I’m still thinking about making a little cover for it, or adorning it in some other way, but I haven’t really gotten there, and it fits so nicely in my purse now that I don’t really think about it too often.
  5. Vitamins and medicines – At any given time, I’m carrying around at LEAST 5 different bottles of medicines or vitamins.  I’m a freak, I know.  But it’s necessary – Sudafed and Claritin for allergies, digestive enzymes, fiber, ibuprofen, daily meds, it’s all in there.  Hey, it’s my system and it works for me.  Judge if you will.

5 favorite things in my room:

  1. My little Yellow toy thing that emits the manic laughter when I squeeze it.  It freaks some people out, but it just makes me laugh.  It’s called a laughing bag and it’s just a little dust collector, but it makes me happy.
  2. My Zboard.  I love it.  It’s awesome.  (oh by the way?  They have a keyset for Lich King now.  I’m so going to get it. SQUEE!***)
  3. My awesome bed.  I love, love LOVE my bed.  I have this great european pillowtop mattress (it’s a Back Supporter), and it has a gorgeous quilt my grandmother had made for me when I graduated college, and my mom gave me these SUPER Egyptian Cotton sheets for Christmas (love!) that coordinate with the quilt (the sheets are dark navy and the quilt has navy in it), and it’s all on an antique wood bedstead that belonged to my paternal great grandmother and is part of a bedroom suite with a vanity and a fantastic dresser…. yeah, I love my antique furniture.
  4. My new calendar (it was a dollar calendar from JoAnn’s, and it’s Cathedrals from the world over.  January is Ackermanns Kunstverlag in Munich, Germany (which Mr. Man tells me, is pronounced MOONchen, in German. I may have gotten that wrong.  Sorry, Mr. Man!)  Tres pretty.  And the calendar?  It was 40% off.  of a Dollar.  Sixty cents.  for a calendar.  for the whole year. How could I not love that?!)  Anyway the pictures are pretty, so I likes it.
  5. My bookcase.  And here’s why.  Up until recent months, this bookcase held books and various whatnot that were all my whatnot, but over the last few little whiles, the books of my boyfriend have slowly made a place for themselves on the bookcase.  So there’s a section of his books.  And I kinda like it.  Now, I used to would have freaked out at such an encroachment, and had a major commitment-phobic meltdown.  Am I mellowing, do you suppose?  :-D

5 things I have always wanted to do:

  1. Go to Paris and hang out in cafes and drink coffee and watch people.
  2. Be a TV chef (believe it or not, this was the primary reason why I went to culinary school, was to be a TV chef.  I didn’t actually want to be a “real” chef.  I wanted to be a TV chef.  Totally different animal, to my thinking.  Clearly that didn’t work out.****)
  3. Quit working and go back to school for whatever I want to go back to school for.
  4. Sit around and knit all day, or do whatever I feel like doing all day – read, be philanthropic, play WoW or DDR, whatever, without guilt about what isn’t getting done.
  5. Be a celebrity. Movie star, something.  I don’t know.  Just famous for some good reason; not for being crazy or killing people or something.  Infamy is fame too, after all.

5 things I am currently into:

  1. World of WarCrack (see ** below).  I finally upgraded my account and downloaded Lich King.  It’s a sickness.  I did this for 2 reasons, though.  (1) – Mr. Man had already upgraded his account and could not log into his account on my computer – now he can. (2) I was in a mood and wanted to, so there. (Sassy, I know).
  2. Reading – I’m reading Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo – I’m quite enjoying it.  It’s the long unabridged version, and, after about the first 200 pages, it’s finally starting to pick up speed.  I’m to the part with Franz and Albert in Rome, if that gives y’all that have already read it any idea where I am. Anyway, I’m reading it for this bookclub I’m in, and quite enjoying it.
  3. Looking up recipes online and making grocery lists and menus.  This is a recent thing.  I won’t call it a resolution because I’ll quit doing it (I hate resolutions, really), but I’m planning menus and cooking more this year, if for nothing else, the cost savings.  Apparently, if you cook at home and eat leftovers, you can save money.  What an idea.
  4. My new MP3 player.  It’s a 4 GB Sony Walkman player that Mr. Man gave me for Christmas, and I love it so. As a result I’ve gotten back into listening to podcasts and music, listening to the radio, and enjoying my music collection again, and even started doing more sort of active activities so as to have some reason to listen to more music (although I freely admit to listening to music while playing World of WarCrack.)
  5. Podcasts – this is a direct result of the afore-mentioned MP3 Player.  I’m totally downloading all the LimeNViolet podcasts that I haven’t listened to in 4 months and catching up on Accident Hash (awesome indie music from MetroWest Boston (whatever that means), the Tartan Podcasts (indie rock from Scotland.  I admit that I listen to this podcast just to hear Mark, the host.  Yum.), Three from Leith (from Ireland, I think.  He’s quite funny too, and yum to listen to.  I swear I’m into accents like Wanda from A Fish Called Wanda.  It’s wrong.  Fortunately Mr. Man does accents.  Well.  Just sayin’. :-D

So, that’s my 5.  If you have read all the way to this point, go ahead and read the stars.  Seriously.  There’s back story there.  Oh, and if you blog, then consider yourself tagged, and do the 5 Things Meme.  I was only going to have a little post, and it’s already turned into over 1600 words. Just sayin’.  Oh, and Happy New Year.  Best wishes for a wonderful, happy and prosperous year for us all.  Since the world is apparently ending in 2012 (if the History Channel is to be believed), I guess we’d all better live it up. Cheers!


*If she came to Texas, I’d go meet her, but I’m not planning on touring the East Coast to try and meet her or anything, because (a) I’m po’, and (b) I’d be a little freaked if someone did that to me.  So I just read and comment her blog (oh pick me someday, Random Number Generator!), and read her Plurk entries and sometimes comment.  I think it’s more of a courtesy that way.  Besides, it’s not like I’m the only one.  She has a million knitty fangirls.)

** My (undead)warlock is up to lvl 44! My (Troll)hunter is up to lvl 32! My (Orc) shaman  is up to lvl 21! My (Tauren) warrior is up to lvl 11!  THIS IS WHY I HAVEN’T GOTTEN ANY KNITTING DONE LATELY! (Shock and awe)  Oh, and FOR THE HORDE!!

***The ZBoard is a gaming keyboard that has removable keysets.  You can lay one in that’s a normal QWERTY keyset with a number pad for important blogging and work-type purposes (if you work from home like I occasionally do), and the then  special sets have keys for raiding, emoting and other things that are specific to MMOs  (short for Massively Multiplayer Online [Role Playing Games]) that people play.  I have the one for Burning Crusade, and one for some other online game that came with the board when I bought it (but I don’t know what it’s for.  Maybe Warhammer? Maybe a 1st person shooter of some kind?  I’m really not sure.  Sad, eh?)  It’s a really great invention though, b/c you don’t have to keep buying new keyboards (if you, you know, do that…) for games you play.  Extra bonus?  It has 2 USB ports in the base, if you find you’re short of USBs on your tower or laptop.  Personally, I have 8 USB ports on my tower, so the 2 extra make it 10.  Which is niiiiiice.  I use the keyboard port to charge my MP3 Player.  I lurve it. Oh yes I do.

****I dropped out of culinary school (and my apprenticeship at the Adolphus hotel) after 1 semester and 6 months of working at the hotel.  I worked for 7 months before that at the Westin Hotel, and while I didn’t hate it there as passionately as I hated working at the Adolphus (for many reasons, not the least of which that I was an 18-year old girl working late nights in downtown Dallas and didn’t feel at all safe riding the train home), and I can admit now that, at the outset, I was insulated from the kind of work that being a real (read: not TV) chef actually required.  Plus, I’d rather be waited on than wait on others, and I hate working on holidays, and CHEFS DON’T EVER GET HOLIDAYS.  Forget that.  Seriously.


2 Responses to “Wherein the blogger has very little of interest to say. But says it anyway.”

  1. wendy said

    thank you for clarifying your pseudo-stalker status ;-)

  2. Liz G. said

    LOL – ok, TRUTH – did you just squee a little bit when Wendy actually commented on YOUR blog??

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