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Posted by Miss Knotty on December 26, 2008

What are these updates of which you speak?
Well, here’s one:
Vehicular milestone (12.15.08)

My car hit 10,000 miles. I’ve had the car for just over a year, so that should tell you how much driving I don’t do. Over the rest of my trip, we put another 1000 miles!! on the car. I had over 11,000 on my car by the time we got home, and another 700 on top of that! So, lots of driving, but we had major fun, so it’s all good.

I worked my head off on my Noro Striped Scarf that I started for this trip and made pretty good headway – I have a respectable 5′ or so of scarf now, and most of one sock, which was day-knitting as we drove drove drove all around the state park and looked at the mountains and the river and everything in all the world of Southwest Texas.

Sock basking in sunset Noro Scarf, enjoying the view

The views, you can imagine, are GORGEOUS, with or without yarn that is kicking teh butt. The colors are coming out a-mazing!! (as if you doubted).  The blue striping on the left is Silk Garden Sock, and the green striping is actually from the Kureyon Sock ball, where the green striping on the right is from the Silk Garden Ball… Can you believe how perfectly matched these are, even in different colorways and different yarn types?!  I feel the strong love for this simple, simple project.  I am having a little struggle with the slip stitches on the edges (with the keeping them loose, specifically), so it’s doing a little bit of skewy biasing, but only a little, so I’m hoping that a liberal blocking (where am I going to find room to block this?! Oh well, I’ll come to that later, when it’s closer to actually HAPPENING) will even out any inconsistencies in that area.  Also?  I really dig both of the yarns.  The Silk Garden Sock is more sport weight, and the Kureyon Sock is much more fingering-to-laceweight, but it’s making a fantastic combination together, and I’m pretty much enjoying every minute of this knit.  (Just like everyone else who has knit one or more of these – shocking, I know.)  Anyway, so there’s some progress.

In sweater news, I have put the sleeves on holder yarn, joined the body together, and am knitting down – I’ve switched to the black yarn, and in a fit of possibly-foolish whimsy, I’ve decided to add some intarsia to the mix, by keeping the applied slip-stitch faux icord double knitting magic (easy for me to say, I know) in the blue, and working from a yarn butterfly, and just doing the body black.  I don’t know yet if I like this. Anyway, now I have intarsia applied slip-stitch faux i-cord double knitting magic.  I got skillz. I’ll post up a picture once I’m further in so you can see what I mean about this, or maybe do my swatch and post that up.  I think it’s a nice effect, like the color change was more planned than just an I-ran-out-of-yarn-and-changed-color effect, but I may change my mind, rip back and change the edge to black too. This is partly dependent on whether my faux i-cord looks good or awful using intarsia to connect it.  I’m a little concerned about holes at the transition, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Decisions, decisions. This wasn’t covered on my swatch.  Maybe I’ll go back to swatchland and see how I feel about this new piece of whimsy.  I am a total swatch queen. Oh yes I am.


One Response to “Updates?”

  1. Emilee said

    That scarf is going to be beautiful! I love the colors.

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