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Things you learn/find out from looking at blog stats, and twice-drunk Kool-Aid

Posted by Miss Knotty on December 3, 2008

… Which, in reality, is not as gross as the name sounds, because, it’s a metaphor.  Ha. Nerd Girl is ruining your fun.  

So, I was looking at my blog stats, which is a snazzy little option here on WordPress that lets you see how many viewers you have per day (yesterday I had 9), where they came from (if it’s a search engine or a followed link), and what posts get viewed, and or which (if not the current one) got the most hits.  Neat tools, and a little thanks to WordPress for sating my nerdly curiosity. 

So, for your own edification or entertainment (and to partially cover for the fact that I have NO pictures of projects that I haven’t shown before because I’m a SLACKER where cameras are concerned), today I’ll share them with you, along with some News Items.

Where People are Coming From:

My Ravelry profile (a knitting/fiber arts-oriented social networking website (and oh-so-much-more) (note: this is a members-only website right now – the link will take you to the front page)

Josh o’Trades – This is an old friend of mine from way back, and a fantastic, very readable writer.  Go check him out. I’ll wait. :-D – Now, I have NO idea how people came from there to here, but I surmise that it has something to do with the fact that I’ve made a Jayne Hat or three in my day, and WordPress makes these tidy little ‘suggestions’ based on what you’re reading of other stuff you might like to read.

Some readers came by way of search engines, and here are the words they used to get to me:

caron simply soft shadows yarn

peruvian sierra aran elann

4000 characters in words (this went back to my Brief Manifesto in 4000 chracters or less post.  It’s very heavy-handed, and I don’t recommend reading it.  It sounds kinda preachy.  (but replace kinda with VERY)

My busiest day to date was August 12, 2007, with 89 views.

So, on to news items and Kool-Aid:

I drank the Noro Scarf Kool Aid.  But mine was spiked.  Instead of the standard pattern with the Silk Garden in 2 colorways, I decided to knit mine with Silk Garden Sock and Kureyon Sock, on size US 3 (3.25 mm) needles, and increased the stitch count to 32, instead of the regular 20.  I’ve already got a good 2 feet of scarf, and no plans to stop until I run out, which could be a while, considering that it’s 100 grams of each color.  It’ll be a Dr. Who Noro One-Row Scarf. I am SUCH a sheeple.

I also drank the crochet Kool-Aid.  I took a class from the Knitting Fairy this weekend at the North Texas Mensa Regional Gathering in Crocheted Granny Squares, and I’m hooked, no pun intended.  In the class we did squares, but she talked about being able to do other shapes, and so when I started another one later that night, I chose a pentagon.  I’m using dark heather gray and dark purple, and they’re really fun to work, and SO much nicer to the touch than the crocheted acrylic granny squares of yesteryear. (or the acrylic ANYTHING of yesteryear.  Just sayin’.) I don’t know yet how I’ll be connecting them, but I’m enjoying working on them, all the same.  Craig and I watched TV on Sunday night and hung out, and I finished 5 of the little jobbies in an hour and a half or so, just chilling out watching TV, which is kinda cool.

So yeah, lotsa Kool-Aid in my world lately.

Misc. news items:

My Warlock (Femalenna, undead warlock, Farstriders) hit Lvl 30 last night.  Felsteed: I has it.  Demonology Tree: I’z Maxin’ it. Except now I’m out of rested XP, so I’m going to have to play other toons for a while and bank it back up. My life, it is hard. (\irony)

I’m spinning again!

My Bluebonnet Cardigan continues apace.  A-snail’s-pace.  I blame the French.


5 Responses to “Things you learn/find out from looking at blog stats, and twice-drunk Kool-Aid”

  1. redfear said

    Gratz on the 30! and on the twice drunk Kool-Aid hehe

  2. funnybonez said

    Damn those French.

  3. keelis said

    I’m surprised people come from my blog at all. I wasn’t aware anyone read my stuff, other than spammers, but that’s the web for you.

  4. Sue said

    To read your blog I use Google Reader. It loads the blogs I read there without me going to each individual blog. Do you think it counts those?

  5. Robin said

    … and I came, curiously enough, through a comment link on grumperina’s blog … (gonna check out that August 12th post now!)

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