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The one in the stripes? Yeah, that one’s mine. :-D

Posted by Miss Knotty on November 6, 2008

Okay, the long-awaited reveal (shah).
This is a pic from the Evil League of Evil party on last saturday night. Mr. Man is the dapper dude in the pinstripe suit – of Evil.


He’s a good lookin’ dude.  We had some Drs. Horrible in the crowd, as well.  Mr. Man and I went as a kind of his-and-hers costume, and, may I say, I think we had some of the more inventive costumes in the bunch – Mr. Man was Deuce “The Crooner” Mitchell, and I was simply Nightingale.  The premise was this: I have a black belt in karaoke – I can kill you with my voice.  Rather like a Siren, but with a better outfit. We were a snazzy pair. 

For those in the know, you’ll remember that I was struggling with the hair.  How should I fix the hair for my lovely personage of evil?  Well, I’ll have you know that the overall style came out really well.  It’s less victory rolls than I originally wanted, but I think the pincurls really do the job.  Have a look:
Blurry hair front
Hair, back

Not bad, eh?  I WAS the queen of bobby pins and hairspray, but whatevs, it was fun.  I’m going to start doing my hair up more often – it looks really good when I fix it!!.  Oh, by the way, look how long my hair is getting! Woot!  Also – Ididn’t know that I had a massive cowlick in the back there – look how it all goes the same direction.  I think this may have been caused/exacerbated by the application of round brushes hot air blowdryers, curlers and/or curling irons. I’m not sure.  In any case, – sexxy, eh? 

Here’s one for the gentlemen.  Yeah, like both of you:
Cris & Regina

This was my friend Cris (She’s Eve) and I , and I can’t explain the ‘show all your teeth’ smile going on there – it’s almost kind of evil – like “I’m going to eat your soul through the camera” or something. In any case, I thought we looked pretty posh.  

There was a really good pic of Mr. Man and me, but it was taken by someone else, and she hasn’t uploaded it yet.  (Hint, Hint!!)

On to more important things. Knitting!

The Bluebonnet Cardigan continues apace.  I put it on a string and ‘tried it on’ on Monday night, but didn’t take a picture. Because I was in Jammies, and because it’s hard to model a garment thus far without sleeves.  I decided that I have a few more rows of raglan increasing to do to get the yoke down to where it needs to be to fit my ample … shall we say… attributes.  I’ll probably do an inch or more in blue after putting the raglan sleeves on holders, then switch to black to go down the body.   I’ve come to a critical juncture: To button or not to button? If I button, how far should I button? All the way down or only a few buttons? How far apart should I put the buttons? What kind of buttons should they be? 

Since I know I’m going to change color on this cardi after the bustline, I think a ‘swing’ style is better, with only 3 buttons at the top (or maybe 5 – I think that might be a little more flattering fit for me since I’m busty) would be a better look overall, and more likely that I’ll wear it, whereas a full button-down cardigan is not really ‘my style’, and would probably make me look lumpy and frumpy, which are both bad, for knitting as a whole (think back to ugly handmade cardigans of yesteryear that screamed ‘homemade’, rather than ‘handmade’), and for me as a short-waisted person.  I promise to take a picture when I finish the yoke and put it up here (girl scout fingers), so that you can see how beautifully this yarn is knitting up in the pattern.  Lovely lovely.  It’s 50/50 wool/silk, and the drape on the size 8 needle is just perfect – I love it.  And it’s a pleasure to feel it in my hands, and and and….  I’m really enamored with this project, which is great.  I’ve loved and tired of so many projects, I’m really excited that I’m working on something that I’ll really stick with.  What’s better, I think I’ll really actually wear this sweater, which, to my mind, is freaking awesome. I think it’ll be professional-looking enough to wear to the office and still stylish enough to pair with jeans on a cool evening, if such a thing happens more than once a year here.  

I’m getting ahead of myself but I’m already thinking about the sleeves – I think I’ll only decrease to the elbow, and do a straight or only barely decreased sleeve from there, so it’ll have a mild bell effect.  WEE! I’m so excited!


One Response to “The one in the stripes? Yeah, that one’s mine. :-D”

  1. Ronda said

    Wow! here come the cat calls Girlfriend!

    He’s a cutie! I bet you guys look good together, so I’m hoping for that other person to upload that pic (hint, hint!!)

    BTW, i have recently discovered Velcro rollers for your hair, they stay in my themselves, so you wash and dry your hair, stick the rollers in and walk around finishing getting dressed. Gives the hair a little curl and lots of body. My hubby laughs at me when they are in, but purrs once I take them out. ;^)
    And, I should say, your hair did look beautimus up like that!

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